The Queen was presented with a fake arm during a walkabout and joked it was just what shed always wanted


THE QUEEN was once presented with a fake arm during a royal tour and joked it was just what shed always wanted.

The monarch, 93, was presented with the bizarre gift at a visit to an agricultural college during her 1970 tour of Australia.

The Queen was once presented with a fake arm by a group of students on a tour of Australia

She was joined by her daughter Princess Anne who recounted the story in an interview with Michael Parkinson a decade later.

Speaking on the Parkinson in Australia programme, Anne explained: The Queen went to an agricultural college and I went along for the ride.

There was still one or two noisy students about in those days, it was the end of the 60s. There was this slightly noisy group on our arrival and we all thought I wonder what theyre up to.

Three of them pushed out of the crowd with this hand, it was a sort of stuffed glove for want of a better expression, and joint.

Her daughter shared the anecdote during an interview with Michael Parkinson in 1980

And these three presented it to the Queen and I think they thought they were being rather daring and rather cheeky.

The Princess Royal went on to reveal her mothers rather unexpected reaction to the unusual gift.

She continued: The Queen took it from them and said thank you very much that is what Ive always wanted.

Their faces literally dropped because that wasnt quite the reaction that theyd expected and of course it is exactly what shes always wanted when youre sat you know…

She revealed that the monarch said it was “exactly what shed always wanted”

Anne can then be seen miming the Queens famous royal wave before Michael asks if she had ever used the arm.

Somehow it got lost the Princess Royal replies, somebodys sense of humour didnt stretch as far as us, weve never seen it again.

The 69-year-old then asks the students to make them another arm if they are tuned in.

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