The Queen’s homeschooling during WW2 consisted of horse riding, picnics and a pet chameleon


A PREVIOUSLY unseen diary has revealed fascinating details of the Queen’s homeschooling life during World War 2.

Alathea Fitzalan Howard spent six years at Windsor Lodge as an evacuee, joining a young Princess Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret from January 1, 1940.

A diary kept by an evacuee who stayed at Windsor Lodge with the Queen and Princess Margaret has given a fascinating insight into their lives during the World War 2

And Alathea’s kept a diary of her stay, giving an extraordinary insight into the young Queen’s homeschooling, the Telegraph reports.

In the diary, Alathea affectionately refers to the Queen as ‘L’, sort for Lilibet, describing her as ‘v matter of fact, uncurious and above all untemperamental’.

The youngsters were schooled for just four hours a day, taking a break for riding, followed by lunch outdoors and an afternoon of reading in the sun.

According to the diary Elizabeth hated needlework with a passion but actually enjoyed washing up.

Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret had just four hours of lessons a day and would spend the afternoon reading outdoors

Alathea describes enjoying picnics with the two sisters, where ginger beer would be “drunk from the bottle!”

Cakes were lightly to be packed in the picnic basket with Alethea describing the young Queen’s love of baking, making shortbread and bread pudding with her young guest.

And while she may be known for her love of corgis, Alathea revealed that the two royal sisters kept a pet chameleon, and she helped collect dead flies to feed to it.

It was clear that Alathea was fond of her royal hosts, writing in her diary “I am REALLY HAPPY WITH THEM ALL.”

The Windsor Diaries

Alathea’s diary accounts about the Queen have been published in a new book titled The Windsor Diaries

Alathea was related to the Duke of Norfolk who had hereditary role as Earl Marshall, responsible for organising royal events such as coronations and funerals.

She was well acquainted with the two princesses at the outbreak of the second world war, with all three girls members of the Buckingham Palace Girl Guides.

Alathea Fitzalan Howard died in 2001.

The Windsor Diaries 1940-45 by Alathea Fitzalan Howard, £25, will be available to buy from October 8th

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