This Morning viewers in hysterics over ‘Poundland’ Meghan Markle and Prince Harry lookalikes


THIS Morning viewers were left in hysterics today as Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby interviewed four Meghan Markle and Prince Harry lookalikes.

The impersonators appeared on the show to discuss how their work has been affected since the couple’s now infamous interview with Oprah earlier this month – but those watching at home weren’t convinced by them.

This Morning viewers were not convinced by the Meghan and Harry lookalikes

In fact, fans took to Twitter discuss how little they looked like the pair – branding them ‘Poundland’ versions.

One person wrote: “#ThisMorning “lookalikes” taking very loosely here. Look nothing like them.”

A second asked: “Do you class a look alike just on if they have the same hair colour… ?#ThisMorning.”

A third wrote: “When you order Meghan from Wish  #thismorning.”

While a fourth joked: “Poundland Meghan lookalike  #thismorning.”

Sarah Mhlanga, who was told she looked like Meghan for the first time in Ikea, admitted that work had dried up since the interview, which saw Meghan and Harry make a series of bombshell revelations.

She said: “I would never say it was that lucrative, it’s mainly a hobby and a chance for me to exercise my skills, but after the interview there definitely was less gigs.”

And she found that she was getting trolled, saying:  “I started a podcast a couple of weeks ago to celebrate my resemblance to Meghan and the similarities we have and just after I started to get messages saying, ‘She’s just an attention seeker, I hate her, she’s horrible, she’s a menace, we’ve never liked her,’ and that really hurt me.

“Although we’re different people, I still represent her, I still play her.

“I’m a mother as well, and I thought it was something horrible to say to a woman.”

Henry Morley, who is a mechanic,

Last year I had a job that was cancelled after Meghan got some bad press because they don’t want to be associated with something if it is bad press.

Rhys Whittock, who won a Prince Harry lookalike competition, said his life has been a “whirlwind” ever since they got engaged and admitted that is much harder for the Meghan lookalikes.

Sylvia Aliford, who is actually a primary school teacher, agreed and said there was “big call” for work after Megxit.

However she did express concerns for the future, saying: “When you take on a role like this, you are putting yourself out there. You have to take the good with the bad.

“I worry, especially with how the public perceive her now. I would be worried to go into a live event, I would be nervous for the feedback.”