Who did Meghan Markle play in Suits?


LONG before Meghan Markle became the Duchess of Sussex, she was known for US legal drama, Suits.

The show was her big break, but was also her last role as an actress before marrying Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle played Rachel Zane in Suits

Who did Meghan Markle play in Suits?

Meghan played paralegal Rachel Zane on Suits.

Her character eventually worked her way up the legal corporate ladder to become an attorney.

Throughout her time on the show, Meghan’s character Rachel grew ever closer to attorney Mike Ross, played by Patrick J Adams.

The on-screen couple went on to marry and set up their own legal firm in Seattle.

Patrick J Adams played Meghan’s onscreen love interest

How long was Meghan Markle in Suits for?

Meghan hit the big time when she starred in Suits.

Before that, she only had bit parts on TV and in films.

She was on Suits right from the beginning and was in the show’s pilot which aired on June 23, 2011.

She left the series in season 7, after she became engaged to Prince Harry.

In total she was in 108 episodes from 2011 until 2018.

The former actress was on Suits from 2011 until 2018

Why did Meghan Markle quit Suits?

Whilst the exact reason for Meghan Markle leaving Suits has never been confirmed, her final season did coincide with her getting married to Prince Harry.

Meghan’s last ever Suits episode aired in April 2018 – just a few weeks later on May 19, 2018 she became Duchess of Sussex. 

Showrunner Aaron Korsh revealed to Radio 4 in 2017 he had actually begun writing her character out after she began dating Harry.

He said: “I sort of had a decision to make because I didn’t want to intrude and ask her, ‘Hey, what’s going on? What are you going to do?’

“So, collectively the writers, we decided to take a gamble that these two people are in love and it’s going to work out.”

Who were Meghan Markle’s co-stars?

Meghan worked alongside Patrick J Adams, who played her love interest Mike Ross.

They were joined in the cast by:

  • Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter
  • Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt
  • Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen
  • Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson