Who is Queen of Hearts from The Masked Singer?


THE Masked Singer debuted on Fox on Wednesday, September 22 with daring new costumes, including the stunning and elaborate Queen of Hearts.

The finale of season 6 of The Masked Singer aired on December 15, 2021 at 8pm.

The new season of The Masked Singer debuted on September 22 on Fox

What does the Queen of Hearts look like?

The Queen of Hearts is outfitted in a huge, heart-shaped costume that starts at the waist and completely obscures her figure and face.

In the center of the heart is a pair of bright-blue lips, which match the singular blue eye on the costume.

The eye is surrounded by bright, red, fluffy lashes and golden spikes.

Naturally, the Queen of Hearts wears a supersized gold crown decorated with jewels.

Her legs are totally covered by a pair of red metallic boots and leggings.

What are the clues for the Queen of Hearts?

In the first official clue package for the Queen of Hearts, an image of a tall, brown horse is inset over the singer.

The star also appears to be posing in a splendid garden, with a giant chess piece fallen down beside her.

One intro video for the Queen of Hearts features a faux magazine with tabloid-style headlines about her.

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The headlines read “Who is this royal masked singer? This masked singer is totally suited for this! This masked singer plans to beat the competition!”

The Queen of Hearts performed La Vie en Rose, a French song, in her first appearance on the show.

Who is the Queen of Hearts?

The Queen of Hearts disguise has left fans of the show scratching their heads as they attempt to figure out their identity.

Some believe the Queen of Hearts is from the southern states due to her accent.

The rest of the clues are:

  • Wizard of Oz-themed clue package with Tin Man featured in it
  • Says she “left home” when she was “pretty young” and that it was “definitely scary at times”
  • Framed photo of Hillary Swank with “BFF” under it

However, other viewers believe that it could be singer Lady Gaga.

The Masked Singer’s Queen of Hearts turned out to be the singer Jewel

In episode 3, the Queen of Hearts nailed her cover of Born This Way by the songstress, leading people to believe Gaga is underneath the disguise.

Other guesses include Jewel, whose album Pieces of You celebrated its 25th-anniversary last year; Shakira, another multi-lingual star, whose video for Whenever, Wherever features horses like the one in the first clue package; and Helena Bonham Carter, who portrayed the Red Queen in Tim Burton’s 2010 film Alice in Wonderland.

On the finale it was revealed that fans were correct in their guess of the singer Jewel. She performed Katy Perry’s song Firework to close out the season.

Jewel took home the winning title of The Masked Singer for season six.

The Bull came in close to the winning title at second place and was revealed to be Todrick Hall.

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