Who the f*** does Meghan Markle think she is coming back here to preach after all the vile manure she’s flung at the UK?


MEGHAN Markle will preach about poverty and gender equality in Manchester tonight.

I’ve no idea what she’s going to say. I don’t care – and nor should you.

Meghan and Harry (pictured speaking at a concert in 2021) have returned to the UK to speak about poverty and equality

Sun columnist Piers Morgan says it is staggeringly absurd for Meghan to pull such a stunt

Even by her standards, it’s staggeringly, stupendously, preposterously absurd for a woman who married a multi-millionaire prince, gave up her job, and now lives entirely off the gargantuan proceeds of his royal status that she ruthlessly fleeces to the highest bidders, lecturing anyone about poverty and equality.

Just as it is when she bleats away about the environment from her mate Sir Elton John’s private jet.

But for Markle to pull this stunt in Britain, the country she loathes and couldn’t wait to abandon once she sunk her claws into halfwit Harry, at a time when we’re in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the end of World War Two, is as sickening as it’s outrageous.

To be blunt, who the f*** does she think she is coming back here at all after all the vile manure she’s gleefully flung at Britain, the Monarchy and the Royal Family? 

And for her to have the brass neck to give a ‘keynote address’ about poverty and gender equality when she leads a life of unimaginable wealth and privilege purely because of her husband’s birthright is not just completely inappropriate, it’s shamefully tone deaf.

Harry the doormat is just as bad as his wife, joining her for a separate panel discussion about equality and poverty as if he has the first idea what the words even mean after an entire lifetime existing in luxurious palatial conditions of spectacular inequality.

As always with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – I still don’t understand why the hell they’re allowed to keep these titles given how cynically they exploit them for personal financial gain – their actions are riddled with hypocrisy.

Delegates attending the One Young World summit are paying £1,000-a day to attend the three-day event, which does not include either the cost of travelling to Manchester or their accommodation.

So that’s around £5,000 a pop for most of them, when many Britons are struggling to afford basic food or heating bills.

How does that sit with the themes of equality and poverty, exactly?

The hypocrisy doesn’t stop there.

Another theme of the summit according to its official website is ‘Conflict prevention – how can we prevent conflicts?’

I’ll admit I laughed out loud when I read that.

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No two people on Planet Earth have done more to foster conflict than the Sussexes who’ve fallen out with both their sets of families and never stop trashing them in public to please their American corporate paymasters.

Indeed, so deep is the division that Meghan – whose Archewell foundation boasts about ‘unleashing the power of compassion’ –  has disowned her distraught father Thomas with such mercilessness that she hasn’t even contacted him since he suffered a massive stroke several months ago, and Harry is now not only virtually estranged from his own father Prince Charles, he reportedly won’t even see his brother Prince William during this visit, despite staying just half-a-mile away from him on the same Windsor estate.

The double-standard would be hilarious if it wasn’t so ridiculous.

A third One Young World summit theme is ‘ethical leadership’ which is described thus: ‘With the current trust deficit in public figures and institutions, how can we instill transparency, honesty and integrity as core values for leaders and ensure that they act for the good of all?’

Forgive me if I don’t physically snort with derision at that one.

Princess Pinocchio’s constant disingenuous bullsh*t, from falsely claiming she was secretly married three days before her televised wedding to her recently saying a South African cast member of Lion King who mysteriously doesn’t seem to exist said her nuptials were as historic a cause for celebration as Nelson Mandela’s release from prison, has made her a global laughing stock.

As I tried to warn everyone when I was forced out of my job hosting Good Morning Britain for disbelieving her nonsense, Meghan’s ‘truth’ has turned out to be about as far removed from the actual truth as I am from being the next Pope.

And the worst thing about her and Harry’s constant royal-bashing antics is the appalling hurt and distress it causes the poor Queen who is 96 and in poor health.

Her Majesty has spent 70 years devoted to selfless duty to her country, and done so with great humility, grace, integrity, and a mantra of ‘never complain, never explain, and rarely be heard speaking in public.’

Yet just as the whole existence of the Monarchy that she’s preserved so well is being openly debated for the time when she is sadly no longer with us, here are her errant runaway grandson and his ghastly money-grabbing wife crashing back into Britain like some renegade rival royal family to promote a summit dedicated to four things they are woefully ill-equipped to promote: preventing conflict, poverty, inequality and unethical behaviour.

Meghan and Harry want their two-faced royal cake without doing any duty in return, and to be free to scoff it as greedily as they wish regardless of how badly they damage the reputation of the Monarchy in the process.

It’s disgusting. 

Meghan and Harry’s behaviour will be causing distress for the Queen, who is 96 and in poor health

Nelson Mandela’s grandson, right, slammed Meghan after she claimed a South African actor told her her nuptials were as historic a cause for celebration as the freedom fighter’s release from prison

Meghan has disowned her father Thomas Markle and did not even contact him when he suffered a stroke

Meghan beams at Harry as they are pictured in the UK today

Harry and Meghan were seen in a car before heading to Manchester where the duchess is speaking