William and Kate told their helpline saved suicidal schoolboy’s life ahead of TV special and Meghan’s Oprah show


PRINCE William and Kate have spoken to a suicidal schoolboy who was talked down from a bridge thanks to a charity set up by the royal couple.

The clip was shared ahead of the rare TV special with the Queen for a celebration of the Commonwealth and before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey airs.

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Prince William and Kate heard how their helpline saved a schoolboy’s life

Kate and Wils set up Shout in 2019 and was the UK’s first 24/7 crisis text line.

The clip comes ahead of the rare TV special

In the footage, the Royal couple chatted with the 12-year-old lad – whose name has not been revealed – and his parents on a video call.

The boy had turned to Kate and Wills charity during the stress of lockdown after he climbed onto a bridge to take his life.

The boy’s dad said: “We have no doubt that what happened between Shout when he was stood on that bridge was enough to save his life.

“We know the conversation that Shout have had with our son was pivotal in him not doing anything that he would regret later. That is amazing.” 

Kate replied: “I can’t imagine, obviously as parents ourselves, what it’s been like for you and it’s every parent’s worse nightmare to receive a call that you did on that night.”

Kate called the parents “brave” for sharing their story and Wills said talking out will “definitely save other people’s lives”.  

Wills told them: “As parents, we also try and manage everything we do as parents, and you think to yourself ‘Where has this come from?’.

The charity was set up by the Duke and Duchess in May 2019 and was the UK’s first 24/7 crisis text line.

Wills told the boy on Tuesday: “Hopefully, we get back to normality soon, planning things ahead, there’s lots of hope and happiness ahead, that’s the main thing.”

Shout was launched by the Duke and Duchess alongside Prince Harry and Meghan in 2019.

Yesterday Buckingham Palace revealed some of the royals will unite for a celebration of the Commonwealth in a TV special.

The palace said: “In Her Majesty’s annual Commonwealth Day message, the Queen will pay tribute to the way in which communities across the family of nations have come together in response to the pandemic.”

The palace also confirmed the Prince of Wales has recorded a message for the programme addressing “the universal devastation caused by the coronavirus pandemic“.

The Queen, in an audio message, will pay tribute to the way in which communities across the “family of nations” have “come together” in response to the pandemic.

The Duchess of Cornwall will also be seen chatting to broadcaster Clare Balding about the importance of books and reading for children across the Commonwealth.

The clip was shared ahead of the royal TV special which will air hours before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s interview with Oprah appear on US TV.

The chat is set to be aired on UK screens at 9pm on Monday – but deals have been struck across the globe for broadcast rights, with the interview likely to run more than 17 countries, including Australia, Switzerland and Belgium, as well as sub-Saharan Africa.

Meghan and harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey will air on Sunday night in the US

Several clips have been shared online ahead of the show airing on Sunday

The Duchess claims the Palace blocked her from chatting with Oprah for an interview

In a new trailer of the Oprah interview released today, Meghan sensationally claimed the Palace blocked her from doing an interview with Ms Winfrey before her wedding to Prince Harry.

The Duchess of Sussex made the bombshell allegation in a new trailer as she declared “I’m ready to talk”.

In the clip, released by CBS, Meghan claims she wasn’t even allowed to speak to Oprah in 2018 without someone listening in.

The 39-year-old mother said she was forced to turn down the interview, saying: “That wasn’t my choice to make.”

She also told Oprah that it was tough to go from having a “really independent life” to one that was within the “construct” of the Royal Family.

Meghan said that she and Prince Harry now have the “ability to make our own choices” in a way that they couldn’t three years ago.

In the new clip, Oprah says: “I called you either February or March 2018 before the wedding asking, would you please give me an interview and you said sorry it’s not the right time.

“And finally, we get to sit down and have this conversation.”

The 39-year-old responds: “I remember that conversation very well. I wasn’t even allowed to have that conversation with you personally, right. There had to be people from the… sitting there.”

When asked if people were in the room while they were having the conversation, Meghan says: “yeah, even on that call.”

Oprah has already said that “no subject is off-limits” during the bombshell two-hour special.

And in a dramatic preview of their tell-all interview, Harry said that his “biggest concern was history repeating itself” in a hint towards his mother’s own struggle in the Firm.

And the Duchess of Sussex also accused Buckingham ­Palace of “perpetuating falsehoods” in a startling preview clip of the interview.

It has been a dramatic few days for the Royal Family.

Prince Philip has undergone a “successful” heart operation after he was transferred to St Bartholomew’s in London on Monday.

He has now been moved back to King Edward VII hospital.

The 99-year-old will stay there “for a number of days” – which means he will be in hospital when the tell-all Meghan and Harry interview is broadcasted in the US.

There are claims that while CBS will go full-steam ahead broadcasting the Oprah interview, UK broadcasters may take a more cautious approach.

It was suggested that ITV “will cancel” the screening of the interview if Prince Philip’s health worsens.

Sources said the mood at Buckingham Palace has “shifted” after the Duke was transferred to a new hospital earlier this week.

The American broadcaster, however, has “no intentions” of changing the date.

Meghan sensationally said she's now allowed to make her own choices

Meghan sensationally said she’s now allowed to make her own choices
Oprah had tried to schedule an interview with Meghan in 2018
Oprah had tried to schedule an interview with Meghan in 2018