William ‘can’t tolerate’ how Meghan Markle has treated Kate Middleton whose efforts to help have been ‘misinterpreted’


PRINCE WILLIAM cannot tolerate how his sister-in-law Meghan Markle has treated Kate Middleton, a senior royal source has claimed.

The Duke of Cambridge reportedly felt that his wife Kate tried to help Meghan at the beginning but that it was “never enough”.

William ‘can’t tolerate’ how Meghan has tried Kate. Pictured: The ‘Fab Four’ watching the Flypast to commemorate Royal Air Force Centenary on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in 2018
In the bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan claimed that it was Kate that made her cry, not the other way around

Speaking to the Mail Online a senior royal insider said how although there was much made of the troubles between Kate and Meghan, the biggest strain now exists between the Duchess of Sussex and William

The main issue between the in-laws, according to the insider, is how Meghan has treated Kate and how her efforts to the new royal were “constantly misinterpreted”.

“First and foremost, William cannot countenance the way Meghan has treated his wife,” the source said.

“He feels Kate tried at the beginning, but it was never enough.

“Kate attempted to try and help Meghan understand the responsibilities of royal life, but her efforts were constantly misinterpreted.”

The divisions are said to have grown deeper, however, when Meghan spoke about Kate during her bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey back in March.

In the tell-all chat, the Duchess of Sussex said there had been a confrontation between herself and the Duchess of Cambridge over bridesmaid dresses which left her in tears.


“But to name Kate so publicly during the Oprah interview as the person who made her cry was beyond the pale,” the senior royal source said.

“Meghan would have been acutely aware that Kate is powerless to fight back.

“Despite her growing confidence in public, Kate is a deeply sensitive woman who likes to stay behind the scenes as much as possible to support her family and the country.

“William thinks the way she has been treated is unfair.”

Another royal source told the Mail Online how William’s doubts about Meghan had been from the start of her and Harry’s relationship.

William allegedly told Harry in 2018 to take his relationship with the former actress slowly after he was first introduced to her at Kensington Palace.

When Meghan married into the family, the Duke of Cambridge is said to have begun to question her intentions with Harry.

“William soon began to wonder about some of Meghan’s traits and motivations,” the senior source told the Mail Online.

Harry and Meghan said they don't want to leave anybody behind

Following Harry and Meghan’s split from the Royal Family, “everything changed” for William

“He was worried that at times she seemed to be more concerned about her personal progression or profile over the wider goals and aims of the Royal Family.

“But he largely kept any reservations to himself as he desperately wanted her to be happy and appreciated the huge adjustment of entering the Royal Family.”

But following Harry and Meghan’s split from the Royal Family, “everything changed” for William.

“Following Megxit though, everything changed,” the source explained.

“He could no longer hide his true feelings because he felt like she had publicly attempted to disrespect his family and the Queen.”

It comes as Harry and Meghan are set to join A-listers Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez at a Covid concert to “reunite the world”.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been confirmed as some of the big names taking part in the Vax Live show on May 8.

Vax Live is being billed as an event to “reunite the world” with performances from a host of stars.

It is not yet clear what the couple will bring to the table at the music concert but they have been given a title of “campaign chairs”.

They will lead a drive to raise money for COVAX – a vaccine-sharing program co-led by the World Health Organization.

Meanwhile, the Queen was pictured for the first time carrying out an official public engagement since the funeral of her beloved husband Prince Philip.

Her Majesty, 95, smiled as she held virtual audiences at Windsor Castle via video-link on Tuesday afternoon.

The Queen, no longer in a black mourning outfit, was dressed in a pale blue floral dress which featured large purple, white and yellow flowers, with a three-string pearl necklace and a diamond brooch as accessories.

She was pictured on a computer screen smiling as she held two audiences with the ambassador from the Republic of Latvia, and the ambassador from the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire, who were at Buckingham Palace.

It comes as Kate and William are searching for a new member of staff to “handle sensitive information” at Kensington Palace.

Prince Harry may pull out of a planned return to the UK this summer after he was “shocked” by the frosty reception he received at Prince Philip’s funeral.

An expert has claimed that Harry and Meghan may be “ditched” from the Royal family during a streamlining of the Monarchy.