Jeremy Kyle death guests ex-lover reveals he threatened to firebomb and shoot her over split

Steve Dymond died of an overdose just ten days after appearing on The Jeremy Kyle Show – he’d gone on to prove he hadn’t cheated on his fiancee

THE Jeremy Kyle guest who overdosed after appearing on the show threatened to firebomb an ex girlfriend’s house and kept a secret stash of homemade sex toys, Sun Online can reveal.

Steve Dymond’s ex-lover Rebecca Hine labelled him an “absolute a***hole” as she described how her life was made hell by him during their four-year relationship.

Steve Dymond’s fiancee Jane Callaghan went on the programme with him – but they split after

The receptionist’s claims come after his wife Dianne Healing accused him of being a paedophile and claimed he had killed himself because he feared being found out.

He was found dead last week after an overdose following an appearance on The Jeremy Kyle Show where he failed a lie detector test over cheating allegations.

He had wanted to prove he hadn’t been cheating on his most recent lover, Jane Callaghan, 48, but failed the test and spiralled into depression.

Today Rebecca, 56, from Cannock, Staffordshire, said: “He was an a***hole, a very unpleasant man and a complete liar.

“He was a thief and a cheat who would tread on anybody or anything to get his own way or whatever he wanted.


“He threatened to burn my house down and said that he could get people to get me.

“He said he knew people who would shoot me and my family. He was such a vile horrible man.

“I knew it was all rubbish as he was a coward but when you are vulnerable it does get to you.

“After we split up it still took a good 18 months before he was out of the way as he carried on stalking me.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he committed suicide because he was scared of going to prison.”

Rebecca lived with Steve between 1996-2000 in Tamworth, Staffordshire, after meeting him at a party in London.

She added: “When I saw his picture in the newspapers I recognised it as him. I know it may not sound nice but now I know his dead I can get on with my life as I know I wont ever see him again.

“He was an awful man. I threw him out eventually but even then he carried on stalking me for two years.

“He stole cheques from me and he forged my signature. I ended up being arrested and spent two hours in police cells because my road tax cheque had bounced because of him.”

Rebecca also said her son, who was just nine years old at the time, found toilet roll and baby oil in the back seat of Steve’s car one day.


With her suspicions raised, she then found four or five homemade sex toys in a drawer in the house they lived in together.

Rebecca said: “There were these things that were shaped into dildos. And there was more than one.

“It was rolls and rolls of toilet paper wrapped up in yellow masking tape and it was solid, and it was in the shape of a sex toy.

One time, she found one that was “absolutely filthy” in a plastic bag Steve had used to take his lunch to work in.

Rebecca confronted him and he “went absolutely mad”.

She said she went to get tested for sexually transmitted infections after their relationship broke down as she was worried about what he’d been doing while they were together.

Meanwhile another woman Jane Allen, 56, from Selsey, West Sussex, revealed how he had borrowed 200 from her as deposit for a new pad and never paid her back.

She said: “He had a lot of money off me too. He told me it was a deposit for a place and soon people were at the door after the money.

“Once he called me up pretending to be his son and said his dad had been killed in an accident, it was a really upsetting time.”

Mum-of-one Jane added: “He caused me a lot of trouble and he’s a horrible, horrible man.

“He was going out with a friend of mine when he asked me lend him the money. Two hundred pounds may not sound much but its a lot when you are a single mum trying to pay bills and a mortgage.

“I know people are saying let him rest in peace but Im a pretty hard person to fool and be fooled me. He wasn’t very nice at all. He seemed nice at the time but he was horrible.

“He caused me such a lot of trouble. He called me up for two weeks pretending to be his son and saying his dad was dead but I knew it was him. Why do that?”

Yesterday it was revealed Steve had applied to be on the Jeremy Kyle Show more than 300 times.

Steve, from Gosport in Hampshire, finally went on the show desperate to prove his innocence after he was accused of being unfaithful by girlfriend Jane.

His body was found at his Portsmouth bedsit last week, ten days after he filmed the episode, and the show was dramatically scrapped permanently this week.

Earlier this week host Jeremy Kyle, 53, broke his silence following his show’s axing, telling The Sun: Myself and the production team are all utterly devastated.


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