10 Coronation Street spoilers for next week including Gemmas shocking labour


GEMMA’S quads look like theyre about to make quite the entrance into the world. But will they all make it safely?

Heres the lowdown from Weatherfield

Gemma goes into labour during a day out in Coronation Street
  • Daniel struggles to cope

The aftermath of Sineads death hits Daniel hard as he tries to come to terms with a life without her.

While her family and friends organise the funeral which Sinead had already planned with Billy, its clear that Daniel is struggling. Will he be able to keep it together for the sake of Bertie?

  • Gemma goes into labour

Gemma and Chesney go on a break to North Wales where Ches intends to propose, wanting to make a proper go of things following Sineads death.

But disaster strikes when Gemma goes into labour 80ft in the air, in a cable car! Will she make it to the hospital or are her quads going to be born in the most unusual of circumstances.

David is charged with attempted murder in Coronation Street
  • David is charged with attempted murder

Following Imrans warning that the video incriminates him in Joshs stabbing, David pleads with Abe and Tez to tell the truth about what happened.

But with neither of them planning on coming clean, David is charged with attempted murder, leaving Shona and the Platts devastated.

  • Josh frames David

David has a glimmer of hope when Josh comes round from his coma. He hopes hell tell the truth about how he actually saved his life.

But David gets a shock when he learns that Josh has told the police that he was responsible, framing him for attempted murder.

Bethany is grilled following her kiss with Daniel in Coronation Street
  • Daniel flees with Bertie

A devastated Daniel decides to go to Scotland with Bertie after a nasty altercation with Beth.

Beth watches him leaves and worries that shell never see Sineads baby again.

  • Gary and Maria grow closer

Bethany grills Maria about her feelings for Gary, but Maris insists theyre just mates. Bethany isnt convinced though and tells Maria she should go for it.

Later, at Tyrones Halloween party, Gary asks Maria for lunch and is pleased when she says yes.

  • Ali makes a serious mistake

Emma arrives at work feeling unwell and Maria asks Ali to take a look at her.

But when a jealous Ali learns that Maria has a date with Gary, he says its probably just food poisoning, which is a big mistake.

  • Emma collapses and is rushed to hospital

Emma heads home where Maria and Gary find her unconscious on the floor. Shes rushed to hospital where Steve is told shes got a ruptured appendix and needs an emergency op.

  • Steve is gunning for Ali

After learning that Ali fobbed Emma off earlier and with her condition hanging in the balance, Steve accuses Ali of medical negligence.

  • Bethany is in the firing line

Evelyn and Beth have both got words to say to Bethany about her kiss with Daniel.

Beth even accuses them of getting together before Sinead is even cold, to Bethanys horror.