11 EastEnders spoilers for next week as Whitneys heartbreaking court hearing begins


WHITNEY and Kushs futures hang in the balance in EastEnders next week as they face court hearings for the murder and assault of evil Leo King.

Heres the lowdown on whats happening in EastEnders next week…

1. Gray lashes out at Chantelle

Gray grabs Chantelle again when the pressure of Whitney’s case gets to him

Gray feels the pressure of Whitneys trial next week and ends up taking out his anger on Chantelle.

The solicitor lashes out and grabs her arm when she tries to comfort him.

Chantelle has only just recovered from a broken arm after the last time Gray lashed out at her, and shes left terrified of what the trial is turning him into.

2. Kush doesnt like lawyer Grays advice

Gray advises Kush to plead guilty in EastEnders

Grays boss urges him to get Kush to plead guilty so they dont risk losing the case by fighting it – a move that could harm Whitneys trial.

Kush had planned to plead not guilty now that Leo is dead and buried.

But Gray sets about sewing seeds of doubt into Kushs mind.

Later in the week, Kush arrives home after his hearing and reveals what happened.

But does he plead guilty in order to help Whitney?

3. Whitney faces a life behind bars

Whitney faces jail after being charged with Leo’s murder in EastEnders

Whitney has been charged with the murder of Leo after handing herself in for stabbing him in self-defence.

The long-suffering stallholder is due to appear in court next week.

But will she be banged up for life?

4. Peter suspects Ian

Peter discovers Ian killed Dennis in EastEnders

Peter realises that Ian is responsible for Dennis death in EastEnders next week.

Hes quick to tell Ian that he wants nothing more to do with him.

But Peter then agrees to hear Ian out following advice from Bobby and Dotty.

Peter later tells Dotty to stay away from his dead, but his words go in one ear and out the other.

5. Dotty discovers an incriminating voicemail

Dotty discovers an incriminating voicemail in EastEnders

When Shirley announces that shes closing The Arches, Dotty gets straight in there to try and bag some clients for herself.

But while searching through messages left on the business phone, shes shocked to hear an incriminating message from Dennis begging Ian to let him out of a room.

Dotty mulls over her discovery and wonders what to do with the information – will she drop Ian in it?

6. Tiffany and Keegan are burgled

Tiffany spots someone burgling her flat

Tiffany and Keegan are horrified to spot a man running from their flat.

They realise a little too late that theyve been burgled.

7. Keegan is handcuffed by the police

The police handcuff Keegan as he fights the burglar

A scuffle ensues as Keegan starts a fight with the thief.

But when the police arrive they end up handcuffing Keegan.

Hes furious about being the victim of yet another incidence of racial bias.

8. Tiffany hides a big secret

Tiffany hides letters from the council in EastEnders

Time is ticking for Tiffany after a bunch of letters arrive from the council next week.

But rather than dealing with the fact she and Keegan might face eviction from the flat, Tiffany hides the letters.

Will she eventually face the news before it’s too late?

9. Suki tries to cover her tracks

Jean suspects that Suki might be lying about her cancer in EastEnders

Suki is in trouble next week as Jean Slater clocks onto the fact that Suki is pretending to have cancer.

The matriarch slips up while talking about her doctor, leaving Jean with suspicions about Sukis cancer.

Later in the week, Jean vows to get to the bottom of Sukis lies.

Will she expose evil Suki to her children?

10. Lola drops a bombshell

Lola shocks Jay with a revelation

Jay organises a family afternoon to get Lexi to cheer up when he notices that shes down in the dumps.

But hes stopped in his tracks when Lola drops a shock bombshell on him.

But what is her revelation – and will it destroy her relationship with Jay?

EastEnders are remaining tight-lipped on this one, and fans will have to tune in to find out what the shocking news is.

11. Things are looking up for the Carters

Linda finally gets her life together in EastEnders

After one hell of a year, it looks like things might be finally looking up for the Carters.

There are signs of progress when Ollie wins second plans in a competition at school thanks to a costume Linda created for him.

Linda makes huge steps when she bins her secret alcohol stash and makes up with Sharon, whos still reeling from the boat disaster and death of her son.

But will Linda and Mick patch things up?