13 Coronation Street spoilers for next week – Faye turns against Geoff and Daniel humiliates Nicky


FAYE Windass finally turns against her monstrous grandad Geoff next week in Coronation Street when she sides with Alya and tells him to sell his share of Speed Daal.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening on the ITV soap next week…

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Sean and Billy start searching for Todd next week in Corrie

1. The search for Todd begins

Sean and Billy worry about Todd after he fails to turn up for his money after sending Eileen a letter demanding £1000.

Sean searches for him on various social media sites hoping for clues about his whereabouts but he’s left frustrated when he fails to get a lead.

Paul is gutted when Billy misses his surprise birthday party

2. Paul gets jealous

Billy confides in Paul about how Sean is worried that Todd has got himself into some sort of trouble. 

Later, Sean calls round with a present for Paul and tells Billy about his failed attempts to track down Todd. 

Later, Billy and Sean panic and report Todd to the police as a missing person.

When Billy apologises to Paul for missing his party, he denies he has feelings for his ex Todd and tries to reassure Paul that he’s simply supporting his mate Sean.

But might Todd be about to come in between Billy and Paul?

Sean fears Todd is dead when he discovers a body has been found next week in Corrie

3. Sean makes a terrible discovery

When Sean confirms that Todd is now officially on the missing persons’ list, Sean and Billy meet up with the Finding People charity who promise they’ll do everything they can to find him.

But later in the week, disaster strikes when Sean trawls through the missing persons’ database.

When he discovers that a man’s body was found in the river yesterday, he breaks down fearing it will turn out to be the corpse of Todd.

Peter catches Abi taking morphine

4. Abi spirals

When Kevin heads off for work, Abi relaxes on the sofa and knocks back a slug of morphine.

But she’s shocked out of her skin when Peter arrives, and stuffs the morphine down the side of the sofa. 

Peter tells Abi she needs to ask for help

5. Peter helps Abi

When Peter quizzes her about what’s going on, Abi insists she hasn’t taken anything from the hospital. 

But later, Abi is furious when she realises that the morphine has disappeared and storms over to the pub where she confronts him about stealing it. 

Later in the week, Peter calls round and tells Abi she needs to ask for help before she starts heading on a downward spiral.

Carla warns Peter to be careful with Abi

6. Carla warns Peter

Carla grows suspicious when Peter lies to her about going to meet Abi.

When Carla finds out that he is helping his ex with her addiction, she reminds him that Abi was in love with him not long ago and warns him to be careful.

Could Peter be about to bite off more than he can chew?

Corrie’s Yasmeen fears the worst when Alya tells her Elaine is missing

7. Yasmeen gets bad news

Yasmeen is troubled to hear from Alya that Elaine has gone missing.

And she’s horrified as it dawns on her that Elaine won’t be able to testify at her trial.

Could Yasmeen be looking at a hefty prison sentence?

Faye tells Geoff to sell his share of Speed Daal to Alya

8. Faye puts herself in danger

Alya confronts Geoff in front of a sceptical Faye.

Faye later tells her grandfather that he might be better selling his share of Speed Daal to Alya. 

Has Faye turned against Geoff now too?

Corrie’s Abi gets a warning from Kevin’s sister Debbie

9. Debbie clashes with Abi

Abi is shocked when Kevin’s sister Debbie rocks up at the house with a large suitcase.

Debbie doesn’t wait long to tell Abi she better not be messing her brother around. 

Debbie then offers to cook lunch, suggesting they should get to know each other better – and Abi reluctantly agrees.

But when Abi disappears as soon as she has eaten, Debbie grows suspicious of her motives for dating Kevin.

Are Debbie and Abi about to lock horns?

Johnny makes an unexpected return from France to confront Scott

10. Johnny returns

Johnny finally returns from France.

But he doesn’t exactly get a warm welcome from Jenny, who wastes little time in berating him for leaving her to run the pub all by herself. 

And when Scott tells Johnny it’s about time they had a serious conversation, a panicked Johnny ushers him into the backroom of the pub. 

What are they hiding?

Daniel calls Cherry when Nicky refuses to see him

11. Daniel calls another escort

Daniel grows desperate to see Nicky. 

When she says she’s too busy to meet him and suggests he contacts her pal Cherry, Daniel gives her a ring. 

But when Daniel realises that Cherry is bored, he tells her it isn’t working and ends the call before staring at Sinead’s photo. 

Daniel kicks off when he sees Nicky in the bistro with another client

12. Daniel humiliates Nicky

Later, when Daniel sees Nicky at the Bistro with a business associate of Ray’s he sees red and makes a scene, offering to pay double to spend time with her. 

How will Nicky react to Daniel’s public outburst?