7 Emmerdale spoilers for next week


DI Malone is once again at the centre of the drama set to unfold on Emmerdale, Cain plots revenge on the policeman and Moira continues to fight for her life in hospital.

Here’s the lowdown on what fans can expect to see on the ITV soap next week…

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1. Cain seeks revenge

Cain vows to end Malone as he thinks he ran Moira over

The village bad boy is certain his nemesis DI Malone is behind the hit and run that saw his wife Moira get run over.

After he vows to destroy Malone, Harriet isn’t comfortable with hearing this and tries to convince Cain he had nothing to do with the what happened to Moira.

She begs him not to do anything rash, but once Cain is set on doing something, he is very difficult to stop.

2. Malone wants to leave the village with Harriet

Malone wants to run away with Harriet

Fans will see the dodgy cop pour his heart out to Harriet and admits he can’t stand the thought of the vicar marrying Will.

He pleads with her to call off the wedding and wants her to run away with him.

Harriet is rocked by his statement, will she be tempted to flee the village or will she ignore Malone go through with marrying Will?

3. Will and Malone’s feud takes a shocking turn

Will and Malone come to blows but who came out on top?

The cop is up to his evil tricks once again as he sneaks into Cain’s garage and plants a stash of drugs in the glove compartment of Will’s car.

However, Will catches him in the act and massive brawl ensues, which could have deadly consequences.

Afterwards, fans will see a lifeless-looking body on the floor, but who is it?

4. Priya is convinced by Charity to find Kirin

Priya gets dragged in to Charity’s adoption mission

Viewers will see a continuation of the storyline involving Charity’s adoption of Johnny and she formulates a plan to get more information about his father Kirin from Priya.

Charity cannot go proceed with the adoption unless she has permission from Kirin and before the special lockdown episodes the landlady asked Priya to track him via her ex husband Rakesh, Kirin’s father.

Priya’s new lover Al is stuck in Aberdeen and with Debbie, Charity’s daughter’s garage located in Scotland, Charity approaches Priya with a deal: Debbie will fix Al’s car, meaning he can get back to the village safely, but only if Priya rings Kirin’s sister.

5. Andrea’s on the warpath and she is gunning for Jamie

Andrea wants to make Jamie pay for not wanting to be with her anymore

After refusing to listen to Jamie who admitted he didn’t love her anymore, fans saw Andrea blackmail him by threatening to go the police about him hitting Moira if he didn’t stay in a relationship with her.

She turns thingas up a notch as Andrea tells Kim that Jamie was the one who ran Moira over.

Later, Andrea threatens Kim and tells her she’s now in charge and if they want her to keep Jamie’s hit and run a secret, they’ll have to do things her way.

6. Lydia decides what to do regarding her Huntington’s test

What will be the outcome of Lydia’s Huntington’s test?

During the first special lockdown episode, we learnt that the Huntington’s test is always at the back of Lydia’s mind.

Next week Lydia starts thinking clearly about potentially having it done.

Lydia will open up to Chas about possibly being diagnosed with the condition and fears how life-changing it would be. 

The pub Landlady tells her the only way she will know is if she goes through with the test.

Lydia considers the test and finally comes to a decision, what will she decide?

7. Nicola interferes with the café

Nicola takes matters into her own hands

We discovered in Nicola’s special lockdown episode with Jimmy that she is ready to embark on a new challenge.

As Nicola’s enthusiasm runs away with her, Jimmy remains cautious and tells her not to get too involved in the running of the café.

With Jimmy worried about her interfering and over-stepping the mark, Nicola takes a different approach.