Alison King and Mikey North what happened at the NTAs?


CORONATION Street’s Alison King and Mikey North hit the headlines after they were spotted looking VERY cosy at the NTAS 2020.

We take you through what happened and what the two soap actors have said about that now famous video (which you can watch above).

Mikey North and Alison King were seen getting cosy at the NTAs

What happened at the NTAs with Alison King and Mikey North?

Exclusive video obtained by HOAR on Sunday on February 2, 2020 showed Alison cuddling up to married Mikey at the packed bash.

At one point, he appeared to cup her face in his hands and kiss her.

A source told how the actress – who plays knicker factory boss Carla Connor – was being rowdy in the seat next to Mikey.

They said: I was in the audience and Alison caught my eye because she looked like shed had a few too many. She was waving her arms and looking rowdy. Then I noticed she started touching Mikeys leg and before long they were holding hands.

Mikey seen here on the red carpet at the NTAs

What have Alison King and Mikey North said about ‘kissing’ each other?

Mikey and Alison have denied kissing each other at the NTAs – insisting he was actually talking in her ear.

Mikey released a statement saying: “I did not kiss my co-star Alison King during the recent National Television Awards.

“It is beyond ludicrous to suggest that I would or that I did. The grainy recording shows me simply speaking in her ear at what was a noisy public event.”

Meanwhile, a statement from Ali said: “I would like to take this opportunity to say that, whilst it was obvious to see that regrettably I did have too much to drink at the National TV Awards, and chose to leave the event early, I did not kiss my co star Mikey North as has been reported.”

Alison also pictured on the red carpet at the NTAs

Do Alison King and Mikey North both have partners?

They do yes.

Mikey recently welcomed his second child with wife Rachael Isherwood.

Meanwhile Alison revealed in September how boyfriend David Stuckley had proposed during a romantic getaway.

She said she was so convinced he would pop the question that she bought him a Rolex as an engagement gift.