Amanda Holden’s Overlooked Role in EastEnders Sparks Feud with Sharon Osbourne


A Blast from the Past

Amanda Holden's brief stint on EastEnders resurfaces amid a heated exchange with Sharon Osbourne.

The Bitter Feud Unfolds

Sharon Osbourne dismisses Amanda Holden's credentials, sparking a war of words over Simon Cowell.

Amanda's Brief Stint on EastEnders

Holden recalls her time on the soap opera, revealing playful moments with Ian Beale.

Support from Simon Cowell

Simon backs Amanda amid the fallout with Sharon Osbourne, sending a message of solidarity.

Sharon Strikes Back

Sharon Osbourne hits back at Amanda Holden, highlighting their contrasting backgrounds and careers.

Clash of Words

The feud escalates as Sharon and Amanda exchange barbs on social media, revealing personal details.

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