Andrea Tate exacts her revenge against Jamie and Belle next week in Emmerdale


ANDREA Tate plots how to get her revenge against Belle and win back Jamie next week in Emmerdale after discovering their affair.

Andrea was dismayed to overhear Jamie telling Belle he loves her but has picked herself back up and is on the warpath in upcoming scenes.

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Andrea spies Jamie and Belle enjoying a drink at the pub

Emmerdale viewers know that Jamie has been keeping his wife Andrea sweet in order to stop her applying for sole custody of their daughter. 

But he’s also been romancing Belle behind her back for months. 

Jamie has been promising that he’ll leave Andrea for Belle for weeks – but is yet to have found the courage to do so. 

Andrea enjoys making the pair squirm

Episodes of Emmerdale set to air this week will see Andrea discover their affair at the Easter Egg hunt.

And next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Andrea put on a normal facade in front of Jamie but secretly plot her revenge behind his back. 

The upcoming scenes will see Belle and Jamie head to the Woolpack for a drink after spending some quality time together. 

She announces she and Jamie are taking a holiday

But much to their dismay Andrea soon joins and tells Jamie they need to take a holiday together.

Belle stews at the thought of Jamie spending time away with Andrea but he reassures her he’ll find a way out. 


Later in the week, Andrea enjoys talking to Belle about the holiday she has planned with Jamie and gleefully watches her squirm. 

Will Andrea’s plan to win Jamie back work or might she realise she’s better of without the love rat anyway?

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