Audrey Roberts dragged into horrifying Coronation Street murder plot

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AUDREY Roberts remains unaware of the chaos her son Stephen Reid is causing in the cobbles.

But the Coronation Street hairdresser gets embroiled in a horrific murder plot without knowing.

Audrey Roberts could be getting into trouble soon

She has no clue her son Stephen is up to no good in Weatherfield

But everything comes to a head again for the businessman

The Weatherfield stalwart portrayed by Sue Nicholls welcomed her son back into her life in 2022.

However, she’s oblivious to the fact his finances are in tatters and he’s going above and beyond to get his hands on some cash.

As a result, the failing businessman played by Canadian actor Todd Boyce has resorted to murder in an attempt to keep his scheming under wraps.

Yet after getting rid of Leo Thompkins, Stephen is hellbent on staying out of trouble.

While laying low in upcoming scenes of the Manchester-based ITV soap, Stephen finds Rita Tanner struggling with some bags for the charity shop.

He offers to take them in his mother Audrey’s car for her and Rita is grateful.

Jenny Connor isn’t far from the scene and is impressed at Stephen’s kindness.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take Stephen long to go off the rails and kill again.

When one resident reveals they know all about his scheming and his involvement in Leo’s disappearance, the businessman feels cornered and turns to mortal violence.

He then comes up with a plan to get rid of his victim’s body and it involves his own mother.

After putting the corpse of his second victim in Audrey’s car roof box, Stephen struggles to move it.

Kevin and Abi Webster, alongside Tim Metcalfe, then help him lift the box onto the roof of the car, unaware of its contents.

But matters only get worse for Stephen when he heads back out of the factory and realises, much to his horror, that Audrey’s car is gone.

Sarah Platt later reveals that Audrey took the vehicle to visit her friend Bev in the Peak District, leaving Stephen mortified.

Multiple residents grow increasingly suspicious of him in scenes due on our screens.

Leo’s father Teddy is the first potential danger for Stephen following an accident that threw him into a coma.

Elaine Metcalfe is also due to become a problem for him as she confides in her son Tim that she leant Stephen £12k.

She even tells the cabbie Stephen has cooled towards her, which is horrifying to him.

Will they figure out what the villain is hiding?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.

Multiple residents are becoming more suspicious of Stephen

He makes another victim