BBC EastEnders fans break down in tears at Lexi Mitchell’s gesture to dying mum Lola Pearce


VIEWERS of EastEnders were left in floods of tears as they watched on as Lexi Mitchell made an incredibly sweet gesture to dying mum Lola.

The storyline has gripped BBC viewers as Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) has been forced to deal living with cancer and in another shocking blow, the young mum was informed that she had just six months left to live.

Lola was forced to tell her family the sad news

Lexi was stunned by what she heard

Lola tried to comfort her after she offered up some change to help her

Learning that her brain tumour had spread, Lola confided in those closest to her that it was not good news.

During the scene, Lola announced to her family: “I’m sorry, sorry for what I’m about to say, I don’t want to. I wasn’t going to tell you guys as I thought I’d be protecting you but I can’t do it, Jay can’t do it.

“This brain tumour of mine has got bigger.”

A heartbroken Lexi discovered the news while at a charity event to raise funds and then made an incredibly heart-warming gesture that left fans in tears.

In a tear-jerking scenes, fans were moved as Lexi dug out a secret stash of coins from her pocket to hand over to her mum in the hopes that it would be enough money to help prolong Lola’s life.

Rushing to comment on the scene online, one fan wrote: “That scene was utterly heartbreaking!

“Lola trying to hold it together, Ben’s reaction when Lexi pulls out the pocket money she’s saved, Callum crying…”

Another commented: “My heart is hurting for Lexi. She’s grown up with Lola her whole life. Lola spent 6 years of her life bringing up Lexi single handedly [sic].”

While a third penned: “My heart is breaking, not only for Lola but for everyone she is leaving behind. Poor Lexi, Poor Jay, Poor Ben. It’s just so unfair.”

Lola’s mum could not believe the news
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