Catherine Tyldesley weight loss – how did the ex Coronation Street actress lose weight?


CATHERINE Tyldesley shot to fame as Eva Price when she turned up in Weatherfield back 2011.

However, since then the actress undergone something of a body transformation.

Catherine Tyldesley has shed the pounds over the last decade

How did Catherine Tyldesley lose weight?

The actress has been very open about staying healthy and in 2019 she underwent the 12-week Ultimate Performance transformation plan.

It includes superset weight workouts targeting compound exercises and bigger muscle groups.

Her diet includes nutrient and protein high meals and green, fibre rich veggies.

Catherine also revealed how her tough dance regime on Strictly Come Dancing in 2019 and the subsequent tour has seen her figure honed even more.

The former Corrie star used to weigh 15 stone and was a size 22 at the age of 18

How much weight has Catherine Tyldesley lost?

Catherine used to weigh 15 stone and was a size 22 at the age of 18.

However a decade ago she lost a whopping six stone.

Catherine is now a size eight.

In February 2020 she revealed how she had lost even more weight doing the Strictly tour.

In a snap on Instagram, she pulled her skirt to reveal inches of space where her waist used to be.

She tagged Strictly in the photo on Instagram, and said: “It’s official, I need a pie. Lost my junk.”

What has Catherine Tyldesley said her weight loss?

Catherine has said in the past that she dropped from a size 22 to 10 by ditching Coronation Street’s pies and bacon butties.

Speaking about her time on Corrie, she previously said: “It’s just fitting it around your schedule. If I was working I’d go on walks.

“On night shoots there are a lot of pies and bacon sandwiches floating about but I took stuff with me.”