Celebs Go Dating fans thrilled as Lee Ryan returns to give advice to best mate Dean Gaffney


CELEBS Go Dating fans were thrilled this evening when alumni Lee Ryan returned to give his best mate Dean Gaffney some advice.

The 42-year-old ex-EastEnders star has been struggling on the E4 dating show, something that Lee, 36, is all too familiar with after his stint last series.

Dean and Lee enjoyed a mates date

The former Blue singer delighted Dean when he showed up to talk him through the process – with the pair also enjoying a walk down memory lane together.

Chatting over dinner, Lee reminisced: “We’ve had our fair share of crazy nights, haven’t we mate?”

Dean replied: “Remember when I parked my car outside the Sanctum hotel and I heard: ‘Dean, Dean’ and I turned around it was you?”

Sheepish Lee continued: “I was living in the hotel because my girlfriend at the time kicked me out, it was an expensive booting my a** out.

Dean has been struggling on Celebs Go Dating

“She taught me a lesson – that cost me more than a couple of grand!”

Dean laughed: “We ended up staying there for five hours”, with his dinner mate retorting: “Yeah, I stayed for like five days!”

Getting back to business, Lee told Dean: “I’m glad you’re doing this [show], it gets better.

“The agency taught me a lot, when I left I had a clearer understanding of myself and letting myself be open.”

Fans were thrilled to have alumni Lee back on their screens

Celebs Go Dating viewers were ecstatic to have Lee back on their screens, taking to Twitter to share their appreciation.

One wrote: “I thought my life was complete. Then I realised there was a new series of #CelebsGoDating and The Gaffman & Lee Ryan from Blue are currently on a mates date. Now its complete.”

Another joked: “Its now making sense why Dean is failing in these dates….. Hes going to Lee Ryan for tips”.

A third gushed: “Lee Ryan from Blues back” alongside a heart emoji.

Lee featured on the last series of the E4 dating show

Dean appeared to have a renewed sense of confidence following his pep talk, with Lee insisting that the process does get easier.

The singer left fans cringing with his flirting when he took part on the show last year – and he was even confronted by his ex Sammi on camera.

Celebs Go Dating continues tomorrow night at 9pm on E4