Chelsee Healey taking a break from Hollyoaks after six years to make shock return to Waterloo Road


CHELSEE Healey is planning to take a break from Hollyoaks to reprise her role in Waterloo Road.

The 33-year-old, who plays Goldie McQueen in the Channel 4 soap, is currently in talks to rejoin the cast as Janeece Bryant on the BBC show as it returns to TV after six years.

Chelsee Healey is in talks to reprise her role as Janeece Bryant
The star has been playing Goldie on Hollyoaks for over six years

An insider said: “Chelsee rose to fame on Waterloo Road so it holds a huge place in her heart.

“She’s chatting to them about what she can do to be part of the reboot, but she won’t be quitting Hollyoaks.

“She’s a well-loved character so bosses are keen to give her the time off she needs so she can film the BBC show.”

Chelsee appeared on Waterloo Road from 2006 to 2012  before joining the cast of Hollyoaks in 2016.

The mum-of-one played school girl Janeece – who was known for getting into trouble alongside Maxine Barlow (Ellie Paskell), Chlo Grainger (Katie Griffiths) and Donte Charles (Adam Thomas).

After leaving the school her character became pregnant and tried to get a job as the school secretary.

She was last seen heading to Ibiza to sort her life out after her daughter ended up getting injured due to her carelessness.

The school-based drama originally aired from 2006-2015 and featured familiar faces including Angela Griffin, Jill Halfpenny, Neil Morrissey and Neil Pearson.

It was originally set in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, before being moved to Greenock in Scotland in 2012.

However, the BBC decided in 2015 to cancel the show to make room for new dramas in its coveted 8pm slot.

Adam Thomas, Angela Griffin and Katie Griffiths have all been confirmed to return to the drama.

Chelsee with her daughter Coco off screen

Waterloo Road's Adam Thomas, Angela Griffin and Kate Griffiths have reunited as they prepare to  begin filming

Adam Thomas, Angela Griffin and Kate Griffiths have all signed up to return to the hit show