Coronation Street and Emmerdale ‘under threat’ as ITV boss warns of soaring Covid cases


CORONATION Street and Emmerdale are reportedly under threat as cast and crew are warned of soaring Covid cases.

John Whiston, head of ITV in the north, has urged stars to stick to precautions – or risk throwing the soaps into chaos.

Coronation Street and Emmerdale ‘under threat’ as ITV boss warns of soaring Covid cases

According to MailOnline, the boss sent an email to crew claiming there is an “alarming number” of coronavirus cases on both shows.

Just three days ago the Queen made a visit to the set of Coronation Street – and even popped into the Rovers Return.

The Monarch dropped by to meet the cast of the world’s longest-running soap, which is celebrating more than 60 years on our screen.

After the crew’s royal excitement, they’ve seen been told coronavirus cases on set are worse than in January when it shut down production for two weeks.

And it comes at a critical time for the soap, with actors filming a long stint of explosive episodes in what’s been subbed Super Soap Week.

The increase in cases has reportedly already caused havoc with filming schedules.

ITV declined to comment.

Filming on both Emmerdale and Coronation Street was suspended in January so bosses could rewrite scenes.

Producers decided a break was necessary after a manic work schedule for both cast and crew during the coronavirus crisis.

Coronation Street filming has been suspended

HOAR also revealed there was a suspected Covid-19 outbreak on the Yorkshire set of Emmerdale, which resulted in a deep-clean and a pause in filming.

Crew on both soaps were told to down tools to give the production a chance to refresh having worked relentlessly through the coronavirus crisis.

The show’s script writers are having to rewrite scenes, which are now proving impossible due to pandemic rules – such as those including kissing and fighting.

Bosses revisited both show’s health and safety requirements to ensure all of the cast and crew remained in good health.

A source said: “It’s been a really hard year for both soaps. They’ve had to work through the most difficult period in television history.

After halting production in the UK’s first lockdown last year, filming resumed with strict social distancing

“Everyone has decided that a break is in order, which is almost unprecedented.

“The storyliners plan a long way in advance, and there’s certain things they’d have hoped they could write in for later in the year.

“But scenes that involve kissing, fighting and anything that really breaks social distancing are out for now. So there’s had to be rewrites.”

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