Coronation Street boss teases heroic shock death that will devastate the cobbles

Max Turner Emmerdale

CORONATION Street’s boss has teased a heroic act as Max Turner’s grooming storyline comes to its epic conclusion.

The extremist racist storyline will have severe after effects for many of the residents, not just the troubled teen.

Max has been indoctrinated by Griff and his friends

Griff has teased big plans for Max

Can Spider and Toyah help Max?

The schoolboy – who is played by actor Paddy Bever in the ITV soap – has been indoctrinated into Griff’s racist ways.

Griff is planning something big and dangerous – can undercover cop Spider save him before it’s too late?

Corrie boss Iain Macleod teased how Spider will become a hero when it matters most.

He told HOAR: “I can’t say too much but he [Spider] is obviously integrally related to the Max story and will have a part to play in the unknitting of it in the end.

“Toyah will obviously have ongoing difficulties with the level of danger his job requires him to submit himself to.

“I think the most I can say without giving a lot away is definitely mixed up in the Max story and a has a moment of heroism and endangers his life somewhat, shows himself to be the decent bloke we know he is.

“Toyah been on a roller coaster of what she thinks about Spider but he is a good man and proves himself to be a hero.

“Making it sound like he’s going to die but I’m not necessarily saying that! All about the Max story, part of the climax to that.”

In the aftermath, Max will soon see the light and realise the error of his ways.

But it will be a long journey for the troubled teen has he attempts to “un-brainwash.”

Iain added: “It will reach its climax in the first couple of months of the year. By the start of 2023, Max has well and truly been red pilled and even more estranged from his family than he has been.

“It leads him into extremely dangerous territory its fair to say, he will over the course of 2023 realise the error of his ways, a lot of what we’re doing after that is about him being deprogrammed and un-brainwashed.

“There is a redemption on the horizon for him after what he’s been through. After effects like with all stories last for
a very long time after that.”

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.