Coronation Street Christmas horror as Yasmeen is haunted by dead abuser Geoff


CORONATION Street dished up an episode for horror for Yasmeen Nazir as she was haunted by her dead abusive husband Geoff Metcalfe on Christmas Day.

The chef – who is played by actress Shelley King in the ITV soap – has been struggling since the death of her abuser Geoff.

Coronation Street’s Yasmeen is haunted by dead abuser Geoff

In tonight’s festive episode she kept seeing remnants of Geoff’s abuse – with the little red crosses he would draw on the walls to make sure she cleaned enough for his liking.

After several instances of being reminded of Geoff’s abuse, Yasmeen panicked and began to see red crosses everywhere.

She suffered from visions of seeing Geoff’s red crosses all across the kitchen.

Panicking she dropped the bowl she was carrying and fell backwards.

She could hear Geoff taunting her

But inside her head she saw a horrifying vision of Geoff still alive in the house in his magician outfit, performing at the table.

He told her: What the hell have you done now? You clumsy oaf. 

“I made you a promise that I’d protect you. All I tried to do is keep you safe day in day out, and I keep my promises. Merry Christmas love.”

Sinking to the floor, Yasmeen suffered a panic attack as the voices of Alya and Cathy brought her back round to reality.

“Listen to me, he’s gone for good,” Alya told her.

Later Elaine visited Yasmeen to give her a Christmas card – but ended up warning her that things could get worse before they get better.

Yasmeen fell backwards

Elaine told her: “You will move on but not overnight and to be honest things may get worse before they get better.

“Anyway you’ve got two advantages over me, over what I had. You’ve got family around you, and friends.

“People who know what you went through and they’re ready to help you.

“And two – you know that that stain of a man is dead and that he is never coming back.”

But is it that simple? Yasmeen faces a long road to recover from what Geoff did to her, and it won’t be the last time Geoff is seen on the cobbles.