Coronation Street: Daisy Midgeley’s Lies and Schemes Exposed


Daisy Midgeley's Downfall

Daisy Midgeley finds herself homeless and jobless as her web of lies and schemes unravel on Coronation Street. Teaming up with Jenny to use money from a serial killer's bank account, Daisy's deception is brought to light.

Caught in the Act

Despite trying to hide their deceit, Daisy's spending spree raises suspicions, leading to accusations from Bethany Platt. Jenny eventually confesses to Carla about their actions, leaving Daisy facing the consequences.

Roy Cropper's Nightmare

As Daisy faces repercussions for her actions, Roy Cropper becomes the prime suspect in a shocking disappearance. With Roy charged with murder, will the truth come to light and clear his name?

What's Next for Daisy and Roy?

As Daisy faces the aftermath of her schemes and Roy battles false accusations, the future looks uncertain for these Coronation Street residents. Can Daisy salvage her relationships, and will Roy be able to prove his innocence?

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