Coronation Street: Daniels shock arrest explained Peter and Carla fight to save the grieving father


CORONATION Streets Daniel Osbourne will be arrested for smashing up a pawn brokers after Sinead Tinkers laptop is stolen.
The widower will reach boiling point after a thief snatches the laptop Sinead used to record videos for baby Bernie – but will the grieving father end up behind bars? Heres everything we know about the arrest so far

Daniel is arrested after Sinead’s laptop is stolen in Coronation Street

Why is Daniel arrested in Coronation Street?

Daniel hasnt been having the best of times recently in Coronation Street after his beloved wife Sinead passed away following a battle with cancer in an hour long special last month.

The grieving father is set to say his final goodbyes to his late wife as he attends her emotional funeral.

But when he heads home early from the wake in the Rovers he is shocked to find that his flat has been broken into and trashed.

While Peter calls the police, Daniel takes refuge at Kens but is angry when he is told that his laptop has been snatched.

Taking matters into his own hands, Daniel rushes to pawn shops in the area with his late wifes cousin Craig to search for his gadget.

When Daniel spies a laptop that appears to be his in a cabinet, he flies into a rage and smashes the glass with a golf club.

The police are quick to arrive at the pawn shop and arrest a confused Daniel.

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Daniel will say his final farewell to Sinead in Coronation Street as her funeral gets underway

Daniel is struggling to cope with his grief after Sinead's death in Coronation Street
Daniel is struggling to cope with his grief after Sinead’s death in Coronation Street

What is on the stolen laptop in Coronation Street?

Before she lost her battle, Sinead wanted Bertie to grow up knowing how much she loved him and filmed a series of emotional videos on Daniels laptop.

Following his wifes death, Daniel has been finding comfort in the videos and has been obsessively watching them.

Daniel is devastated to discover that the videos keeping Sineads memory alive are gone and struggles to cope with his grief.

Will Daniel go to jail in Coronation Street?

When the police arrive at the pawn shop to arrest Daniel, he is dismayed to learn that the laptop isnt his and bursts into tears.

Craig and Peter are quick to arrive on the scene but will they be able to persuade the shop owner to drop the charges?

Later in the week, Peter and Carla offer to look after Bertie to give the grieving dad some time to himself.

Fans will have to tune in to Corrie to find out, as exact plot details are being kept under wraps for now.

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