Coronation Street: Debbie Webster’s return explained as she vows to split up Kevin and Abi


DEBBIE Webster is returning to Coronation Street for the first time in over three decades this Wednesday (August 26). 

Kevin’s younger sister – who is played by Sue Devaney in the ITV soap – is set to lock horns with Abi Franklin upon her return. Here’s the lowdown…

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Debbie Webster grows suspicious of Kevin’s girlfriend Abi

What is Debbie Webster’s comeback storyline?

Debbie’s return will centre around her relationship with her brother Kevin, and her animosity towards his girlfriend Abi. 

The successful businesswoman’s arrival comes this week as recovering addict Abi – who was recently injured at the garage and rushed into hospital – is being tempted by drugs again after stealing morphine from the hospital. 

Debbie will grow increasingly suspicious of Abi’s motives for dating her brother Kev.

Debbie’s arrival comes this week as Abi heads on a downward spiral after her accident

Why does Debbie lock horns with Abi in Corrie?

Spoilers have revealed that Debbie won’t be too impressed when Abi tries to worm her way out of spending time with Debbie this week on the soap. 

Debbie will also grow suspicious of Abi’s blossoming friendship with Peter in the coming weeks, who takes it upon himself to support Abi through her relapse.

Speaking about her character’s feud with Abi, actress Sue told “Kevin is seeing Abi and I think Debbie thinks ‘Is she good enough for him? Is she going to be kind to him? Is she going to be nice to him?’

Debbie will grow suspicious of Abi’s friendship with her ex Peter

“I think they are two very strong women that speak their mind and I think that if Kevin’s is happy, Debbie’s happy – but I think she doesn’t want him to make a fool of himself again and I think she is very wary of Abi.

“But I think she likes Abi. I don’t think she dislikes her. I think she wants her to be honest and sincere with it – and I don’t think Debbie thinks she is very sincere.” 

She continued: “I think she gets her nose right in the middle of things and thinks right, what is going on? I think what she is trying to do is find out if Abi is genuine. 

She added: “Kevin has been hurt so many times that I think she wants to make sure it’s a strong relationship because he means the world to her.”

Debbie will eventually decide to try and split Kevin and Abi up

Why is Debbie returning to Corrie?

Viewers will remember that Debbie appeared briefly last year to announce to Kevin that their relative had passed away and left them a healthy inheritance of £200,000.

Debbie offered Kevin the money, insisting she didn’t need it.

Speaking about her character’s more permanent return this week, Debbie actress Sue told “I think business has brought her back and I think, because the situation where she lives in Turkey, she was missing her family, she’s very close to her brother and I think she wanted to be around family more.

“I think you do get to that age in life where you think “I’ve had all this, I wanna get closer to home” and I think the thing with Debbie is, wherever she travels and whatever she does, she always comes back to home. She’s never forgotten where she’s come from.

“She takes comfort in that and, this time round, she thinks ‘I quite like it here’.

“I think she’s going to do a few business deals and stuff and she wants to make sure her brother is all right.”

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