Coronation Street fans all have the same complaint after bomb horror plot


CORONATION Street fans all have the same complaint about tonight’s episode.

The ITV soap aired a shocking bomb plot for the Peace Market on the cobbles, with right wing terrorist Griff rigging an explosive in one of Speed Daal’s vans.

Corrie fans watched in horror as Alya’s van exploded in a right-wing bomb plot

Alya was left covered in blood on the floor

Fortunately Max Turner worked out what they were planning and turned on the gang who had groomed him.

He desperately tried to warn people – but at first no-one believed him.

But when Alya searched the van, she discovered that it had been fitted with a bomb big enough to blow up the market and surrounding buildings.

Climbing in, she decided to drive the van to another place – but crucially didn’t call the police. 

With Alya desperately trying to get the van somewhere without people, Yasmeen was devastated.

Turning to Max she told him: “If my granddaughter dies, you will have killed her. You are your racist friends.”

As Alya raced away, the people in the markets were shocked when they heard an explosion.

Alya was thrown from the van and lay unconscious in the dirt, it was touch and go about whether she had survived.

But minutes later she was found wander in the door at home covered in blood and bruises.

“Thank god, thank god,” said Yasmeen as she cradled her granddaughter.

Over at the Platts, David was plotting to get Max away from Weatherfield to keep him out of prison.

But before he had chance, Craig arrived to arrest him.

Max agreed to go with him and wanted to take responsibility for his part of the attack.

However fans weren’t impressed.

And they all have the same complaint about the episode.

One wrote: “What a feeble bomb it was that Griff planted if Alya was right next to it when it went off and survived. Unrealistic #Corrie.”

A second said: “Alya walked back pretty quick from the canal – is the canal at the end of the street or in the sink hole ?

“That girl should be in James Bond. The Corrie writers are making a comedy.”

Another added: “So Alya drove for 10 minutes supposedly and got just round the corner judging by the blast, but was then able to walk back home in about 2 minutes staggering while being injured.”

Incredibly Alya survived the bomb attack

Max had desperately tried to warn Alya and Yasmeen that danger lay afoot

Alya discovered the bomb in the van before she drove it away from the market