Coronation Street fans all have the same thought as Emma Brooker dumps Curtis Delamere


CORONATION Street fans are heartbroken for Emma Brooker after dad Steve McDonald lied to her about Curtis Delamere.

The hairdresser – who is played by actress Alexandra Mardell in the ITV soap – called off her wedding after Curtis’ factitious disorder was exposed and Oliver’s fund went missing.

Coronation Street’s Emma Brooker on her wedding day

Steve had given Curtis his bank details to transfer the £100,000 to the charity.

But instead the money didn’t arrive – and Steve decided to tell Emma that Curtis had stolen it.

However there was a twist coming.

With Curtis insisting he didn’t take Oliver’s fund – Emma couldn’t believe him.

Telling him he had lied to her about too much, she ended things for good telling him to pack up and leave. 

But as Emma made her decision about Curtis over the money – Steve received a phone call.

Answering it, he got some shocking news. 

“It’s come through?” he said. 

“The whole £100,000. A technical fault? Thank you for letting me know.”

He was interrupted by Emma arriving to break the news that she had ended things for good with Curtis.

“I told him to leave,” she told her dad. 

“Stealing from Oliver’s charity was something I could never forgive him for.”

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But as she asked her dad if she had done the right thing, Steve kept quiet about Curtis not stealing the money.

And fans think it will destroy Emma when she finds out the truth.

One wrote: “Stupid Steve…..I think Emma might actually find out Curtis did transfer the £100,000 …”

A second said: “How is Steve better than Curtis for not telling Emma the truth?! If she finds out he’s lied to her too, she’ll be really hurt & angry!”

Another added: “Ethical dilemma for Steve, re Emma.”

Emma’s dad and future husband have all been lying to her