Coronation Street fans convinced Arthur dumped Evelyn because he’s secretly dying


CORONATION Street fans are convinced Arthur is secretly dying after he dumped Evelyn Plummer tonight.

The pensioner had called off their month-long holiday after Evelyn quit her job, and he couldn’t explain why.

Evelyn was shocked as she was dumped

And tonight he decided to end their relationship, leaving Evelyn devastated.

Despite Arthur being clearly uncomfortable with something, Evelyn pressed on talking about the holiday in an early scene in the episode.

She told him: “Look I’ve been thinking and brace yourself because I don’t say this very often but I think I was wrong and you were right. 

“A month in a caravan is too long to be cooped up. So I’m going to leave it up to you – which would you prefer – a month away or just a few days?”

Fans think Arthur is hiding a devastating secret

However he had different plans entirely – and dumped her.

He sad: “I’m sorry Evelyn but I still think it’s a bad idea. Not just that, this, us.”

Evelyn stood up shocked, and as Arthur said he was sorry and tried to apologise, she cut him off.

She said: “Oh, right. Right, well I’m glad you told me before I started packing my overalls. 

“I’ve heard you actually, I’m not deaf. Goodbye Arthur.”

But with fans knowing Arthur has been hiding a devastating secret, they fear he is secretly dying.

And they are terrified for Evelyn if he does die.

One wrote: “Has Arthur Got Prostate Cancer?!”

A second said: “The permanent pained expression on Arthur’s face is such a give away. Evelyn is usually very perceptive and can rumble someone’s true intentions from a mile off.”

Another added: “Either Arthur is ill or he’s got a wife tucked away somewhere.”

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