Coronation Street fans convinced Debbie Webster is Ray Crosby’s secret business partner


CORONATION Street fans are convinced they have worked out who Ray Crosby’s secret business partner is – Debbie Webster.

The property developer – who is played by actress Sue Devaney in the ITV soap – arrived back on the cobbles on business earlier this year but hasn’t been seen to be doing much actual work.

Corrie fans are convinced Debbie is working with Ray

And with Ray having a mysterious and unseen funder called Roxy backing him – fans have begun to suspect that Debbie is Roxy.

Actor Mark Frost previously teased: “I’m really enjoying the fact that little teasers are coming out and gradually we know more and more. I get to know more and more as well!

“It’s nice that someone has kept quiet about his activities and kept it under the radar. 

“Their motivations for doing so are quite interesting and he might even have an ally in getting what he wants.

“That’s all quite exciting and the development of that will be really interesting.”

The businessman is a threat to the cobbles
Actress Sue Devaney returned to play Debbie after a 34 year absence

And with the spoilers that Debbie reveals she has lost everything next week, fans are convinced that she is trying to recoup her fortune by working with Ray.

One wrote: “I think I may have worked out who is secretly helping #Ray on #Corrie if my suspicions are correct, I’m putting it out here before it happens. I think it’s #Kevins sister #Debbie #JustSaying”

A second said: “Probably jumping to conclusions but I wonder if Debbie Webster might be working with Ray? Could she be Roxy? @itvcorrie #coronationstreet #Corrie”

Another added: “Just looking at the upcoming plots on #coronationstreet Is Debbie Webster the mysterious Roxie who is helping Ray? #corrie”

Viewers have watched as Gary Windass has been drawn into Ray’s plan – convincing the locals into selling their houses and businesses to Ray for his dastardly scheme.

He is planning on knocking down one side of the cobbles to redevelop and make a fortune.

The residents’ fightback will form the central storyline to the soap’s 60th anniversary in December.