Coronation Street fans convinced Leo is ALIVE and Stephen Reid is holding him captive


DESPITE brutal scenes aired on Monday, optimistic ITV viewers are hoping Leo Thompkins is still alive.

According to some Coronation Street viewers, Stephen Reid may even be holding him captive.

Leo and Stephen’s feud came to a head on Monday night

Stephen Reid’s motives were on the verge of being exposed by Leo

Some Corrie fans are hoping Leo is still alive

Does Jenny Connor bring bad luck to the men she loves?

On Monday, the Manchester-based soap included horrific scenes during which her toyboy Leo (portrayed by Joe Frost) was pushed off a railing to his death by Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce).

The son of Audrey Roberts was then seen dragging Leo’s body, which fell into a bin, in a van before seemingly disposing of it.

However, many fans of the long-running drama have taken to social media, asserting hope that Leo is actually alive and ready to get revenge on the scheming businessman.

“Even now I hope Leo comes back alive in the warmth of the van so that him and Jenny can have their happy ending”, one soap fan commented.

Another added: “Got a feeling Leo’s still alive. Hope so, as it would mean Stephen’s downfall!”, while a third jumped in: “Leo is still alive reckon.”

“Kind of hope Leo is alive but pretends to be dead and messes with Stephen causing him to go mad”, another fan penned.

“I think Leo is alive, the bin bags have broken his fall and he only bumped his head, he just been knocked out a bit. Just a theory”, one viewer chimed in.

Another fan wrote: “Leo won’t be there. He’ll be alive playing sleuth.”

One fan theorised: “Maybe Leo is still alive, got out of the bin after being unconscious for a while, but sufferred severe amnesia & wandered off somewhere? Stephen was dreaming the part when he tipped the bin over & dragged Leo into the van? Too far fetched? Probably, but it’s Corrie.”

“Is Leo alive”, another viewer asked.

As mentioned above, Leo was seemingly killed off in shocking scenes after a heated altercation with Stephen Reid.

The Weatherfield heartthrob found out the businessman was planning on stealing his mother Audrey Roberts’ funds in an attempt to rid himself of his financial burdens.

Will Stephen be exposed?

Is Leo really dead?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV from 8pm.

Stephen brutally hit Leo before pushing him off a railing to his death

But could he be caught up by the truth?