Coronation Street fans convinced rapist Aaron will be murdered in shock twist


CORONATION Street fans are convinced rapist Aaron Sandford is going to be murdered in a shock twist.

The mechanic – who is played by actor James Craven in the ITV soap – raped Amy Barlow in harrowing scenes this week.

Aaron raped Amy on Friday night’s episode of Coronation Street

Corrie fans are convinced Tracy will kill Aaron for what he’s done

The pair shared a kiss earlier in the night before insisting they forget about it and move on.

Later after a row with Summer, Aaron and Amy ended up drinking back at the flat.

As they drank more and more, Amy ended up having an accident and falling over some drawers.

The pair then shared another moment and began kissing again.

“I feel like I’m going to be sick,” said Amy before she crawled into bed and stopped reciprocating Aaron’s advances.

She was seen falling asleep as Aaron removed her clothes and carried on – with Amy clearly unable to consent to what was going on.

Viewers were horrified but think Amy’s mum Tracy will take revenge for her daughter and kill him.

Tracy famously murdered Charlie Stubbs and served time for the killing.

One wrote: “Aaron I’d run mate because when Tracy finds out what you’ve done to Amy she will cut your b***s off #Corrie.” 

A second said: “Aaron’s life won’t be worth living by the time Tracy’s finished with him #Corrie.” 

Another added: “That was disgusting #Aaron. What the character is doing is not okay and I hope this storyline ends up with him being jailed and ultimately going on the sex offenders register!” (sic)

Coronation Street bosses have worked alongside The Schools Consent Project, a charity established in early 2015 which sends legally trained volunteers into schools to deliver workshops on the legal definition of sexual consent and key sexual offences. 

Monica Bhogal, Director of The Schools Consent Project said: “The Schools Consent Project firmly believes that learning about sexual consent laws allows young people to understand their rights and responsibilities and empowers young people by providing them with the skills, confidence and knowledge they need to make safe, respectful, healthy choices around sexual consent. 

“We are delighted to have been consulted on this storyline which conveys important messages around the topic of sexual consent with care and sensitivity. 

“Its inclusion in such a wide-reaching show emphasises the crucial need for consent conversations and the power of consent education.”