Coronation Street fans convinced they have spotted a clue proving Max Turner spiked Amy Barlow


CORONATION Street fans are convinced they have spotted another clue that proves Max Turner spiked Amy Barlow.

The teenager – who is played by actor Paddy Bever in the ITV soap – is suspected of drugging Amy accidentally while trying to hurt teacher Daniel Osbourne.

Amy Barlow was spiked
Her family think her boyfriend Jacob is the culprit

In tonight’s episode Max discovered that Amy had been the one rushed to hospital.

Max looked guilty as David explained what happened to Amy.

But when David told him he was keeping him away from the school until the spiker had been caught, Max tried to argue back.

He told his son: “I’m not putting you at risk for the sake of flipping AV club. 

“I tell you what’s important – not having to go through what I did and having to live with it every single day.

“So until the school find out who spiked that drink, you can stay at home.”

David stormed off leaving Max furious.

Shona talked him out of arguing but fans think it’s another clue that proves Max spiked Amy’s drink accidentally.

They are sure he was trying to spike Daniel Osbourne for letting slip about David’s ordeal.

And they are shocked he would stoop so low.

One wrote: “Well the obvious culprit is Max.”

A second said: “Max 100% spiked that drink”

Another added: “Its max who spiked can tell by his actions how he was just then”

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