Coronation Street fans disgusted as Clayton lies and tells Shona that David abused her


CORONATION Street fans were left disgusted last night as Clayton lied to his mum Shona that David abused her.

She has suffered amnesia since being shot in the soap’s dramatic Christmas storyline.

Shona was left distressed after visiting her son Clayton in prison

She has lost up to five years of her memory – and jailbird Clayton is using it to his advantage by claiming David is a drinker who used to beat her up and tell lies.

Last night viewers saw her reunite with her evil son who she remembers as a young boy.

As she visited him in the prison last night, Clayton told Shona: “He’s good at playing Mr Nice Guy, but he never treated her nice.

“Don’t you remember mum? He was always drinking, having affairs, he even hit you one time.”

David and Shona were happily married before the shooting

Horrified Shona looked to key worker Alice who told Clayton to stop – but she was already spooked.

She took off in a hurry, leaving viewers furious that she was being lied to.

“What does Clayton think he is achieving by poisoning Shona with all these lies?, one asked.

“They will end up back together eventually. David just has to fight for her and not seek the edge of death and danger all the time #Corrie.”

Julia Goulding returns as Shona this week

She was in coma and lost her memory after being shot

Another added: “Clayton is disgusting #Corrie. Clayton clearly doesn’t deserve Shona! He’s a waste of space .”

Actress Julia – who returned as Shona this week after her maternity leave – says she is convinced Shona will “get wise” to Clayton.

She is set for more heartbreak after losing her memory.

Speaking on This Morning last week, Julia said: “It’ a funny one with Clayton, she remembers him as 14.

“That’s when he started being nasty because of the influence from his father.

Clayton is poisoning his mum’s mind

“His mask begins to slip again and those evil little ways show through. I think she’ll get wise to his games.”

Giving an insight of how tough it has been to play Shona since the shooting, she added: “It’s been difficult.

“We have a rapport together, actors, characters, friends. It’s been heard not to slip back into the old Shona and not have the same cheeky exchanges with David.”

She gave birth to her first child Franklin Wolf in December with husband Ben Silver.

Julia had only just returned to work at Corrie when filming was suspended amid the Coronavirus crisis.

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