Coronation Street fans disgusted with Peter Barlow after son Simon was tricked


CORONATION Street fans are disgusted with Peter Barlow after his reaction to son Simon being scammed by evil surgeon Thorne.

The taxi driver – who is played by actor Chris Gascoyne in the ITV soap – had been offered £100,000 by the surgeon who he recorded confessing to betting on the outcomes to his surgeries.

Peter laid into his son Simon after he was tricked
Evil Thorne got Simon to hand over the dictaphone

However tonight Thorne managed to track down Simon and convince him to give him the recording in return for transferring the money.

Although it soon became clear that Thorne had tricked Simon and hadn’t sent any money.

Simon explained how he watched Thorne transfer the money and then handed over the dictaphone.

“I gave him your account details and I watched him transfer it,” Simon said as Peter was left incandescent with fury.

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Exploding with rage, Peter told his son: “There’s no money now, there’s nothing. 

“How could you be so gullible, how could you be so stupid?”

Laying into his son for falling for Thorne’s scheme, Peter raged: “It’s not because he didn’t do it. Wake up, what’s wrong with you? He’s a snake of a man.”

He added: “That recording was the only thing that I had over him and he knew it. And it was getting to him. 

“Even if he had offered me a million quid, I would’ve said no. Because that was my only opportunity to get one over on him. 

“To teach that spoiled scumbag a lesson. You’ve taken that from me, you’ve stolen that from me.”

Simon fled upset and viewers were disgusted with Peter.

One wrote: “It’s not Simon’s fault! Lay off Peter! #corrie.”

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A second said: “Shame on you Peter! Simon thought he was doing the right thing.”

Another added: “That’s a bit harsh Peter! But Simon that was a silly thing to do!”

Simon told his dad what he had done