Coronation Street fans distracted by big set change at the Bailey house


CORONATION Street fans were distracted by a new refurbishment in the Bailey’s home during tonight’s show.

A home makeover was unveiled as Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) had finally made a new staircase – three years after them moving into number three.

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Eagle-eyed fans noticed the staircase was finally done at Number 3 Coronation Street

With Seb’s murder investigation underway, viewers saw Corey Brent blame Kelly Neelan for the hate crime as she was arrested and taken in for questioning.

However, fans of the ITV soap were preoccupied during a scene as they noticed a big set change.

Fans were elated to see a brand-new staircase built by Ed himself, as part of the “extreme makeover home edition”.

The latest addition to the set comes after three years of the Bailey family living in their home.

Fans admired Ed Bailey’s handy work

Taking to Twitter, one fan said: “Oh my Goodness…Ed has finally finished his staircase!”

A second wrote: “Crikey a proper staircase – and about time too.”

Another penned: “AT LAST. Eddie Bailey putting in a start on the family staircase after, what? Two years?”

James asked his dad why he built an extra bannister
Ed and James picked up screws from the floor

James asked his dad why he built a new bannister and staircase.

Ed’s clarified it was for his new granddaughter Glory, as they can use the new bannister to carry her safely.

The pair then worry about the screws lose on the floor.

Grace also mentioned Ed has refurbished the downstairs bathroom.

Kelly was questioned by police as she gives her account of the hate crime attack

Meanwhile, viewers saw Kelly give her account of the hate crime attack as she was taken in for questioning.

However, the officer revealed Corey’s account described Kelly repeatedly kicking Seb in the head, she tried to insist he was lying, but it was clearly too late.

The officer said of Corey: “He came to us voluntarily, before any forensic evidence had been presented.

He gave a full account that’s fully supported by that evidence, from the blood we found on your trainers and skirt, to the DNA we recovered from Miss Lucas.”

Corey frames Kelly for Seb’s murder

She continued: “Whereas you have offered nothing voluntarily, only making admissions when presented with incontrovertible evidence. Tell me Kelly, who would you believe?”

Will Abi be able to get justice for Seb?

Or will Corey get away with murder?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.

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