Coronation Street fans fear for Michelle as Robert secretly records her confessing to murder set-up


CORONATION Street fans fear for Michelle after Robert secretly recorded her confessing to setting-up Vicky’s fake murder.

The loverat businessman was awaiting trial for killing his pregnant ex after she went missing, completely unaware that she’d actually teamed up with scorned Michelle to get revenge.

Robert confronted Michelle after being released from prison

Tonight’s hour-long episode of the ITV soap kicked off with Vicky going into labour and calling on Michelle for help.

They had no choice but to get Vicky and newborn Sonny to hospital, which meant that her death ruse was up and Robert was released from his cell as an innocent man.

He was outraged by the scheme, and also devastated that Vicky had discharged herself from hospital before he was able to meet his son.

Confronting Michelle, he soon worked out the entire gig – with Michelle remaining defiant as she took credit for the plan.

Michelle defiantly confessed the entire plan

Robert said: “You tricked me into thinking that Vicky was going to ruin our wedding knowing that I would go round there.

“The vase, the blood in her house, the Sat-Nav – you planned it all, both of you.”

Michelle sassily replied: “What can I say, we are women – we can multi-task.”

She also confirmed that Tyler was involved too, before Robert revealed that he’d had his phone on record to catch the entire conversation as evidence.

Robert revealed that he’d recorded the entire conversation

Michelle pleaded with Robert not to report her to the authorities, breaking down as she detailed the impact his double life had had on her – and he momentarily seemed to understand.

However, the episode ended with Robert blackmailing Michelle – telling her he’d go to the police with the confession unless she gets Vicky to let him meet his son.

Fans at home were devastated that Michelle had been foiled, taking to social media to share their fears.

Vicky gave birth prematurely in tonight’s episode of the soap

One wrote: “Well Michelle walked right back into Robert’s trap! Knew he’d be recording their conversation!!”

Another added: “Cheeky c*** Robert. Leave Michelle alone.”

A third said: “Awww, poor Michelle!!”