Coronation Street fans furious as Alya and the cops miss incriminating evidence against Geoff as she changes house locks


CORONATION Street fans were left furious tonight as Alya misses incriminating evidence against Geoff as she changes house locks.

Her grandmother Yasmeen is in prison after being refused bail for the attempted murder of her abusive husband.

Alya got the locked changed on Yasmeen’s house

Aya has been suspicious of Geoff for months and is hellbent on proving her gran’s innocence.

She started by trying to rid Geoff from the house by getting the locks changed.

But fans were frustrated after both the police and Alya failed to find the camera Geoff used to spy on Yasmeen.

One said: “Glad the #Corrie police aren’t real, they’ve done a search of the house but missed the secret camera!”

She wants to expose Geoff but missed key evidence

Another added: “Loving Alya changing the locks now she only has to find the camera! #corrie.”

Someone else added: “Unfortunately Alya’s NOT gona get rid of Geoff that easy, he’s still got a share in the business after all. Also she totally HAS to find the camera sooner rather than later now she’s back in the house right? #JusticeForYasmeen #Corrie.”

Another raged” “When is this camera going to be found! #freeyasmeen #corrie.”

Yasmeen stabbed Geoff with a broken bottle in self defence and viewers had hoped it signalled the end of the harrowing storyline in the ITV soap.

Fans are now convinced Geoff will recover from being stabbed just in time to remove his hidden camera leaving Yasmeen to rot in jail – despite the locks being changed.

Geoff has woken up after being treated for his neck injury

However,  Corrie boss Iain MacLeod has revealed Yasmeen will come out the other side, but not without a struggle.

It will take her family and friends to help her see that the abuse is Geoff’s fault, not hers.

Iain said: “Even if you finally have snapped, it doesn’t mean you don’t still have this insidious controlling character under your skin.

“It’s not that Yasmeen suddenly wakes up the next day and realises that he has been abusing her. It’s a slow road for her to accept what she’s been through and see it was abuse.

“We’ll see a lot of her wrestling with what she has done, and her friends and family try to lead her out of the darkness and into the light.

“They try to convince her that she’s actually the person who has been wronged in all of this – that Geoff is not the victim, he is the perpetrator.

“It’s a really interesting psychological story. It sucks in loads of characters – Alya and Sally are very pivotal.”

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