Coronation Street fans furious as Beth slaps grieving Daniel causing him to QUIT Weatherfield


CORONATION Street fans were left shocked as Sinead Tinker’s aunt Beth slaps Daniel across the face after finding him in a cosy chat with ex Bethany.

The confrontation leads him to quit Weatherfield for good – and take Beth’s godson Bertie with him.

An angry Beth confronts Daniel after he cosies up to Bethany

Daniel was forced to grovel to wife Sinead on her deathbed after cheating on her with Bethany.

When Beth catches Daniel talking to his former fling, she lashes out and shouts: “I’ll give you something to be upset about.”

Despite Daniel insisting there was nothing going on, he got a smack around the face.

Beth said: “You don’t deserve that kid. You don’t deserve anything good in life. I was this close to forgiving you. Never again.”

Bethany and Daniel have become public enemy number one

Stunned Daniel is left speechless. He’s consoled by vicar Billy who he confides in about how he’s feeling.

Daniel said: “Everywhere I go I can hear people whispering behind my back, ‘there’s that fella that cheated on his dying wife’.

“How can I live that down? How am I meant to face people?”

Billy then puts the idea of leaving Weatherfield in Daniel’s mind. Later, in a conversation with Peter Barlow, Daniel says there’s no need to worry about him.

Daniel chats with the vicar about what he should do next

He adds: “Me and Bertie are going away.

“I’ve spoken to Billy and he thinks with the way things are it might be for the best.”I’m getting in the way of her family being able to properly grieve.

“As long as I’ve got Bertie I’ll be fine. I can’t be here. I can’t breathe and I feel bad for feeling bad because it’s not about me. It’s about Sinead – that’s why I’ve got to go. It’s best for everyone.”

Disappearing without telling anyone else that he’s quitting the cobbles for good, Daniel is spotted in the back of a taxi by Beth.

Daniel says goodbye to his family as he makes his way to Scotland

She runs after him but is devastated to discover he has taken Bertie with him and isn’t coming back.

Beth goes to the pub with Kirk where she is floods of tears.

She cries: “Sinead wanted Bertie to be with his family.

“I really liked him, that’s what makes it so much harder.

“I trusted him. I could see how much they loved each other. He was brilliant with her throughout her treatment.

“He claimed it was a one-off but it doesn’t look it.

“And now I’ve just gone and made everything worse. I’m his godmother – I’m meant to be looking after his welfare.

“That kid is the only thing I’ve got left of Sinead.

“What if Daniel decides to never come back?”

The upsetting scenes following an emotional last week in Coronation Street moved fans.

A distraught Beth Tinker runs after the taxi, but she’s too late

One upset fan said: “Sinead’s family are behaving disgracefully. Forcing Daniel out, for a singular momentary indescretion. The poor bloke is grieving for his wife. #Corrie #ITV”

A second added: “Beth is really doing my head in. Daniel can’t do anything right. SHUT YOUR MOUTH BETH.”

A third wrote: “friggin shaun stirs it up again then adds maybe i shouldn’t have said anything, sod off shaun you just love that stirring #corrie”.