Coronation Street fans have a burning question about Mike and Esther as Summer disappears


CORONATION Street fans and Billy Mayhew are suspicious of Mike and Esther as Summer disappears.

Billy confronted the married couple about Summer and protested against her to be their surrogate.

Billy headed to the Police to report the pair

Mike and Esther defended themselves in front of Billy

He accused them of taking advantage of Summer, but Mike enlightened him that Summer stole their money.

Mike added Summer is an adult and can make her own decisions.

Billy informed Summer, Todd and Paul that he was going to report Mike and Esther to the police for grooming Summer.

Summer threatened to disappear from his life if he followed through with it.

But Billy vowed to do what ever it takes to protect his daughter.

Outside the police station, Paul persuaded him not to report Mike and Esther so they could protect Summer.

Later, Billy found a note from Summer which read: “I’ve gone away for a while as I need some space. Please don’t look for me. Summer.”

Billy worried that Summer might have gone to Mike and Esther’s.

A furious Aaron shouted: “It doesn’t matter Billy. She doesn’t want anyone looking for her.”

He then blamed himself for Summer running away and said: “All she needed was someone to talk to and all I did was judge.”

“She could be anywhere now,” he added.

Has Summer fled to Mike and Esther’s spare room? Or is she headed elsewhere?

When will the troubled teen return? Is this the end for Summer and Aaron?

Fans are suspicious of Mike and Esther as they believe there’s more to them that meets the eye.

Taking to Twitter, one said: “Oh wow, Summer has finally gone. I’m guessing she’s joined the cult and will be living in the commune of Mike and Esther.”

Another wrote: “Summer’s moved in to Mike and Esther’s basement.”

While a third questioned: “Summer’s gonna sleep with Mike isn’t she?”

Summer left a note as she fled Weatherfield

Aaron told Billy about the revelation