Coronation Street fans heartbroken for Gail Platt as Audrey Roberts makes shocking decision


CORONATION Street fans are heartbroken for Gail Platt after she was rejected by mum Audrey Roberts.

The cleaner – who is played by actress Helen Worth in the ITV soap – broke down in tears as mum Audrey kicked her out of her hospital room after she was found under a motorbike in the barbers having fallen the night before.

Audrey was in combative mood as she was visited in hospital
She savaged Gail asking: ‘Hoping you’d seen the last of me, right?’

Audrey was found by son Stephen after he flew over from Milan for a family crisis meeting.

Waking up from her surgery, Audrey was overjoyed to see her son and realise he was really there.

She told him: “Stephen, my gorgeous son. I kept thinking I saw your face. I think I must be dreaming.”

“I’m here,” he said as Gail asked how her mum was feeling.

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But Audrey wasn’t happy to see Gail and made that crystal clear.

“What are you doing here, eh?” she told her daughter.

“Hoping you’d seen the last of me, right? Off the famous to do list. Disappointed that I’m not pushing up the daisies. 

“Don’t you start pretending to care.”

Turning to her son, Audrey told him: “I’m not strong enough to have her here Stephen. Just go, go home Gail.”

Gail was left devastated and walked out of Audrey’s hospital room in tears.

And viewers were heartbroken for her with one writing: “Nah but why is Audrey being so mean to poor Gail. She don’t deserve that s***.”

Another wrote: “You can see Audrey favour her son Stephen what she said to her daughter Gail was so hurtful.”