Coronation Street fans hope Geoff catches coronavirus as he orders Yasmeen to ‘sing happy birthday’ when washing hands


CORONATION Street fans are hoping that villain Geoff Metcalfe catches coronavirus after he demanded Yasmeen Nazir “sing happy birthday” when washing her hands.

The evil character continued to emotionally manipulate his wife as she chose to cut ties with her granddaughter Alya in favour of staying with the DJ.

Geoff continued to bully Yasmeen in last nights episode of Corrie

Geoff ordered his wife to wash her hands in tune to famous song.

He asked: “You are singing happy birthday twice over in your head like I told you aren’t you?”

Yasmeen replied: “Yes of course I always do.”

The magician has also convinced his wife to move to Cyprus and take her further away from her family and friends.

Geoff has convinced Yasmeen to move away with him

Fans of the soap have had enough of restaurant co-owner’s devilish ways and lambasted him on Twitter as a result.

One fan said: “Plz allow Geoff to die of the corona virus.”

A second fan tweeted: “Can someone with Corona please go and cough all over Geoff? #corrie.”

A third viewer added: “Corrie fans waiting for the corona virus to take down Geoff.”

Whilst a fourth user wrote: “Hope Geoff gets corona and pegs it.”

Viewers were left disgusted last night after Geoff forced Yasmeen to say granddaughter Alya was “dead to her” in a sick mind game.

Granddaughter Alya had realised something was wrong with Geoff’s behaviour and finally confronted him about it.

Geoff decided to use it to force Yasmeen to cut her out of her life by pretending to leave her alone and helpless.

Yasmeen begged for Geoff not to leave her

He stormed into the house and tricked Yasmeen into thinking he was about to leave her because of Alya.

He raged: “Alya was right, I should be the one to leave. This marriage is broken, she’s dead to me.”

Desperate to keep Geoff with her, Yasmeen said: “Me too!”

And he forced her to repeat it and pretend Alya was dead to her.

How the UK has been affected by the Coronavirus

ITV has rolled out its biggest shows in the fight against coronavirus, with both Coronation Street and Emmerdale set to feature storylines about the disease.

Alongside the long-running plots, both soaps will remind viewers of things they can do to ward it off – starting from this week.

An ITV spokesperson explained: “We are going to use the soaps to remind people of important public health issues such as the need to wash their hands. We’ll try and do more such messages going forward.”

Both soaps could be hit hard by the pandemic, with plans to air just twice a week if cast members get struck down by the illness, but ITV are confident that they will be able to continue their normal filming schedule.