Coronation Street fans horror as Fiz kills Jade with a bread board


CORONATION Street fans are in shock after Fiz Brown looked to have killed her step-daughter Jade Rowan.

The second hand furniture flogger – who is played by actress Jennie McAlpine in the ITV soap – was left distraught tonight when her devil daughter Hope went missing after running away from home.

Jade wound up on the carpet with blood pouring from her face

Fearing the worst, Fiz broke into Jade’s house and – mindful of what John Stape did all those years ago – got into the attic worried her daughter was tied up up there.

But instead of finding her daughter, she found some packed bags with ferry tickets for Jade and Hope for a new life in France.

She called the police who began investigating Jade immediately and she joined them while Tyrone headed out to join the search party looking for Hope.

In the meantime Jade had actually tracked down Hope hiding by her father’s grave and rushed her home.

Fiz clonked her with a bread board on Coronation Street tonight
The pair had a furious showdown before the violence

By the time she had got there Tyrone was home and after a row he rushed Hope to hospital and left Jade waiting in the house.

That proved to be a potentially fatal mistake for when Fiz returned home she flew at Jade in a fury and refused to believe her that Hope was safe in hospital.

And when Jade tried to leave, Fiz grabbed a bread board and battered her over the head with it, leaving her bleeding and unconscious on the floor.

Fans are convinced Jade is dead after Fiz’s fit of temper.

Afterwards Fiz looked shaken by what she had done
The soap ended with Jade out cold on the carpet tonight

One wrote: “Omg Fiz… has she killed Jade….”

Another wrote: “Oh s***, turn on Corrie and big bad Fiz has just layed the smack down and killed some bint. This is truly prime time TV!”

A third asked: “Has Fiz killed Jade? I hope not.”

One other tweeted: “Fiz didnt believe Jade that Tyrone took Hope to the Hospital, now she has after she knocked Jade out. But has STUPID FIZ killed her ? If so will she go down for life ?”