Coronation Street fans in hysterics as Sharon Bentley TAZERS Jenny Connor


CORONATION Street fans are in hysterics after Sharon Bentley tazered Jenny Connor.

The evil schemer – who is played by actress Tracie Bennett in the ITV soap – was desperate to keep her evil scheme quiet and took drastic action to stop Jenny from spilling the beans.

Poor Jenny was knocked out in the middle of the street by the stun gun

Rovers landlady Jenny had finally put the pieces together and realised Sharon’s nephew was the Harvey responsible for Leanne Battersby’s plight.

And realising Sharon was with Rita, panicked and called her foster mum leaving her a desperate message.

“If you’re with Sharon, you need to make an excuse and come straight home,” she said. 

Sharon took things to the next level

The electric shock gun knocked her out cold

“Please Rita, it’s important. Call me when you get this.”

But as Jenny left the message, Sharon appeared behind her.

Jenny demanded to know where Rita was, and Sharon told her she was “lying horizontal” which saw Jenny fly into hysteria screaming: “What have you done with her you evil witch?!”

Jenny figured out the truth and confronted Sharon

Sharon deadpanned she’d sent her for a massage before Jenny told her she knew everything.

“You kidnapped a young boy,” she said. 

“Don’t play the innocent because I know everything. You have been doing Harvey’s dirty work for him, trying to get Leanne to change her evidence. 

“You have done nothing but lie since the minute you got here.”

As Sharon begged to be given a chance to explain, Jenny told her to save it for the police and flounced off.

Sharon then threatened her from telling the truth

Jenny has been threatened to keep quiet or Sharon will tell the truth of her affair

But as she walked away, Sharon pulled out a tazer and shot her in the back – causing her to go rigid and collapse flat on the floor.

And then for good measure Sharon have her another electric shock while she was on the floor already unconscious in the middle of the cobbles.

The scene had fans in complete hysterics.

Later, Sharon was forced to call an ambulance and save Jenny – and when they got to hospital she was there waiting for her with a threat of her own.

“Well you’re not dead,” she said.

“Well not yet anyway. You’re in Weathy general. Did you want to summon nurse and tell her how the bad lady tazered you?”

She then tried to blackmail Jenny into keeping quiet – by using her sleeping with Ronnie Bailey.

But it failed – mainly because half the street now knew Sharon’s own dirty secret, and so Jenny came clean to Johnny.

She told him: “She tazered me. You have no idea what she’s capable of. She had me over a barrel. Oh love. I slept with Ronnie.”