Coronation Street fans in tears as David and Shona break up just days before Christmas


CORONATION Street fans are in tears after David Platt ended his relationship with wife Shona.

The couple – who are played by actors Jack P Shepherd and Julia Goulding in the ITV soap – called an end to their marriage after two years.

David Platt has split from wife Shona

They realised that Shona’s brain injury that causes memory loss and a lack of impulse control meant they couldn’t be happy together anymore.

In tonight’s episode David sat Shona down and asked if she was happy, but she couldn’t answer him without getting muddled up – and he thought it meant she wanted it to be over.

Later, she asked him to ask her the questions again – so she could get them right.

However he insisted there were no right or wrong answers – and just told her it was best they ended things.

Shona acknowledged she wasn’t happy

Shona told him: “She’d have given you the right answers – she made you happy. I just keep messing up and hurting you.”

David replied: “It’s not your fault but I think we both have to accept that it’s not working despite how much we’ve both tried. 

“I think it’s for the best.

“Maybe we should tell the kids after Christmas. 

The pair have had problems for months

Corrie fans are gutted

“We’ll just have to tell them that we tried everything but that we’re not making each other happy anymore.”

Shona looked heartbroken by the decision, and viewers felt the same.

One wrote: “Aw, David & Shona/ #Dhona – I wonder if they really are finished?”

A second said: “Awwww David and Shona.”

Another added:  “I hope Shona and David can find a way back from this. Shona is making progress despite her little slipups. Its David who is making Shona feel uncomfortable by highlighting her mistakes.”

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