Coronation Street fans outraged as Sarah Platt calls grieving Daniel Osbourne boy


CORONATION Street fans were left outraged today when Sarah Platt referred to grieving Daniel Osbourne as a “boy”.

The factory worker, played by Tina O’Brien, is desperately trying to convince her daughter Bethany to pursue her dream of becoming a magazine journalist by going to London.

Sarah was trying to convince her daughter to follow her dream

In tonight’s episode, Bethany was rejected from a journalism course – but was offered an internship in London.

She was desperate to go to but realised she would have to say goodbye to Daniel so decided against it – until she told her mum and she set about trying to convince her otherwise.

Trying to make her see sense, Sarah said: “You can’t put your life on hold for a boy.”

Bethany snapped back: “He’s not a boy! And I want to be with him.”

Bethany doesn’t want to leave Daniel by moving to London

Sarah also shocked when she went on to compare the widow to Bethany’s absuer, Nathan Curtis.

She told Bethany: “The way you talk it’s so blinkered – it scares me. It reminds me of how you used to talk about Nathan.

“The way youtalk about him is like youput him above everything else. You need to look at the bigger picture.

“If you really are as strong as you say you are then you can survive a few miles apart. Do not throw away your future.”

Fans were outraged Daniel was called ‘boy’

While viewers at home ultimately agreed with Sarah’s decision to try and convince her daughter to take the exciting opportunity, they were not impressed with how she spoke about Daniel.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: “Sarah called Daniel a boy! Seriously?! He’s a man, not a boy.”

Another added: “He’s not a BOY!” alongside a crying emoji.