Coronation Street fans sickened as Ed insults son James as he comes out as gay


CORONATION Street fans are disgusted at Ed Baileys reaction to his son James coming out as gay.

The builder – who is played by actor Trevor Michael Georges in the ITV soap – went to attack James boyfriend Danny after accusing him of corrupting his son.

Professional footballer James blurted out his news on Coronation Street

Professional footballer James blurted out his news as his brother and mum argued about fashion faux pas at breakfast.

He said: Dad, Im gay. I didnt know how to tell you. Just say something dad. Im sorry.

But as his mum Aggie told him he had nothing to be sorry for and that Ed just needed some time to process the news, he interrupted and insisted he was fine with it.

Ed said: Dont tell me what I need, youve all known, all been talking behind me back. Youre right, I am disappointed.

Ed Baileys reaction to his son James coming out as gay left fans sickened

Im disappointed you think so little of me. So you like blokes, alright? Youre my son and I will always love you, no matter what you are.

However while Ed seemed to accept James for who he is in the moment, he later showed his true colours to wife Aggie.

He told her that it would be better if James kept it to himself and asked if it could be a phase and when he found out James was with his old friend Danny.

That was the final straw for Ed who headed to the Bistro and began smashing up the kitchen and shouted abuse at manager Danny.

He said: Youve corrupted my son. You can do what you like with who you like. I am telling you keep your sick filthy paws off my boy.

But as Danny fronted up to Ed, Ed had no idea James was stood behind him and had heard every word.

Eds words sickened viewers with one writing: Excellent dealing with homophobia. Its true… still a lot of homophobia about sadly #corrie #coronationstreet @itvcorrie”

A second said: @itvcorrie Ed is taking it badly, isn’t he? He is definitely homophobic. Had he not said “Keep your sick, filthy hands off my boy” I’d have not believed it so. #coronationstreet”

Another added: Oh Ed and James