Coronation Street fans sickened as Geoff Metcalfe tries to free Yasmeen to abuse her again


CORONATION Street viewers are sickened after Geoff Metcalfe tried to free Yasmeen from prison – just so he could abuse her again.

The evil radio DJ – who is played by actor Ian Bartholomew in the ITV soap – intercepted Yasmeen’s phone call to her granddaughter Alya to convince her to agree to be his wife again.

Geoff used Alya’s phone to call Yasmeen

“Prison could be a distant memory if you promise to come back to me,” evil Geoff told a terrified Yasmeen.

“You’d be a free woman but I need your word that you will be my wife again. I can make the charges go away. 

“You’re my soulmate, the tomato sauce on my chip butty. But you have to promise not to say a word to anyone about this. I know you must regret attacking me.

“You are deep down still my love. Call me stupid or a glutton for punishment, I do love you Yasmeen.

Yasmeen was terrified

“I’m being completely honest – I want you home with me. I looked after you because you needed looking after. Your drinking, your spending, you were out of control.”

He later boasted about his plan to win Yasmeen back – despite her being terrified of him and being in prison for attempted murder.

And he even went to the police to try to manipulate them into dropping the charges so Yasmeen could return home and be under his control once more.

Viewers were completely disgusted by his behaviour.

Fans begged Yasmeen not to go back

One wrote: “Yasmeen is going back to Geoff isn’t she?? If she does, god only knows what’s going to happen after that??”

A second said: “Geoff misses his wife & wants her home with him… to control her!”

Another added: “I REALLY hope that Yasmeen doesn’t get back with Geoff. That would be awful.”

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