Coronation Street fans slam ‘hopeless writers’ over Sharon Bentley phone hacking blunder


CORONATION Street viewers were quick to call out Sharon Bentley’s apparent ease in hacking Carla Connor’s phone as a major plot hole.

Fans of the long-running ITV soap just couldn’t get their heads around how Carla didn’t have a passcode to protect her mobile.

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Coronation Street viewers were stunned at how easily Sharon could access Carla Connor’s phone

Many Coronation Street regulars found it unbelievable the sassy businesswoman, played by Alison King, didn’t have a pin code, and left the device hanging around in her home.

One took to Twitter to write: “Sorry but queen Carla would have a passcode on her phone there’s no way Sharon could just get on it like that.”

Another agreed, posting: “How in this day and age has Sharon got into Carla’s phone without any trouble …surely she would have a passcode or security lock #Corrie #sharon #carla #Unbelievable.”

Another posted: “The people of Weatherfield need to put passcodes on their phones tbh #corrie.”

Viewers couldn’t believe the sassy businesswoman didn’t have a pin code to protect her device
ITV viewers took to Twitter to reveal their shock

One then questioned why Sharon took a screen shot on Carla’s phone, when there would then be evidence left on that device.

They chimed in: “Can I just ask why Sharon screenshotted on Carla’s phone like it was somehow gonna magically send to her?”

Many then speculated Sharon was talking to evil drug lord Harvey, played by Will Mellor, when she switched back to her own device.

Indeed, Sharon had swiped Carla’s phone and headed to the toilet to use it to track down Simon Barlow’s location.

One didn’t understand the logic of taking a screen shot on the device which wasn’t hers
Corrie loyals pulled out plot holes in the tense storyline

Sharon, played by Tracie Bennett, accessed Google Maps in an attempt to find where the schoolboy and mum Leanne Battersby are hiding.

After the character, who is Harvey’s aunt, finds the address of Leanne’s hideout, she pops Carla’s phone back in her handbag and leaves.  

Viewers then see Sharon call Harvey’s thug and pass on the address.

HOAR Online previously reported how Harvey’s heavies are after Peter’s son Simon and ex Leanne – who are currently living in a hideout away from the cobbles – after she got the drug dealer arrested.

Sharon was able to track Simon Barlow’s location using Carla’s phone, and accessing Google Maps
Leanne grassed up Sharon’s nephew, drugs lord Harvey, to the police
Harvey has now sent his heavies to track down Leanne and Simon, who are in hiding

Leanne was horrified when she realised Simon had been groomed into drug dealing and reported Harvey to the police.

But Leanne was in for another shock when the officer told her that she’d be arrested unless she went undercover to bring down Harvey.

Leanne knew she had no choice but to risk her and Simon’s safety by reporting the location of one of Harvey’s drug deliveries.

Harvey promised to kill Leanne and make Simon his ‘pet’ as he was arrested, leading them to flee the cobbles with Leanne’s partner Nick.